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Joe Biden commented at an event marking “Equal Pay Day and Women’s History Month” at the White House on Tuesday.

According to Free Beacon’s analysis, it is richer than Joe Biden, who paid women less than their male counterparts the entire time he was U.S. senator.

When Biden joined the Senate in 1973, the average salary of a full-time female employee in his office was $ 5,029, about 68 percent of the average দেওয়া 7,383 paid by men at that time, according to the secretary of the Senate First Expenditure Report. 93rd Congress. A free beacon analysis of the expenditure report, which covered Biden’s entire Senate term, found that he had never achieved gender pay equity. During Biden’s tenure in the Senate, women earned an average of just 67 cents for every dollar earned by men, “Free Beacon reported.

Biden muttered through his speech and made one rage after another … as usual.

At one point Joe Biden referred to the second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, as “the first woman’s husband.”

First Lady’s husband Joe Biden, but we’re here.

Referring to Doug Emmahoff’s recent Covid positive test, Biden said:

Now during the 14-minute speech, Biden announces that she has Covid (she is not), Kamala is the “First Lady”, Doug Emmahoff is called the “Second Lady”, she forgets the name of her UN ambassador and forgets her strength. Governor was the secretary.

– Kyle Martinsen (@KyleMartinsen_) March 15, 2022

Someone corrected Joe Biden and he still made the mistake of calling Doug Emhoff the “first gentleman.”

This dummy is supposed to be against Vladimir Putin.

God help us.


Biden Positive in Second Gentleman Test for Post Covid: “The First Lady’s Husband Contracted Covid” (video) first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

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