Five have been charged with acting as Chinese secret police, dispersal, harassment, and espionage.

Five people have been charged by Chinese secret police with dispersing, harassing and spying on U.S. residents, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York announced Wednesday:

Kimin Lin, 59, of the PRC, has been charged with conspiracy to commit interstate harassment as well as conspiracy and attempting to use a method of identification with interstate harassment conspiracies.
Shujun Wang, 73, of Queens, New York, is accused of acting as an agent for the PRC government, criminalizing the use of identification methods and making materially false statements while participating in an international repression plan run by the MSS.
Fan “Frank” Liu, 62, of Long Island, New York, and Matthew Jiburis, 49, of Oyster Bay, New York, are charged with conspiracy to act as agents for the PRC government. Liu, Jiburis and PRC co-founder Kuang “Jason” Sun, 40, are charged with conspiracy to commit a criminal offense of interstate harassment and a means of identification. Liu and Sun have been charged with conspiracy to bribe a federal official involved in a plot to obtain tax returns from pro-democracy activists in the United States.

A man who was a U.S. military veteran and tried to disrupt the campaign of a U.S. congressional candidate in Brooklyn who was critical of Beijing, officials say.

“International repression harms people in the United States and around the world and threatens the rule of law,” said Matthew G. Olsen, assistant attorney general for the Department of Homeland Security. “This activity is against fundamental American values, and we will not tolerate it if it violates U.S. law. The judiciary will protect the rights of Americans and those who come to live, work and study in the United States. I will not allow them to deny or threaten their safety or the safety of their families. “

Via DOJ:

Fans “Frank” Liu and Matthew Jiburis were arrested in New York’s Eastern District yesterday, and Shujun Wang was arrested this morning in New York’s Eastern District. Their initial appearance is scheduled for this afternoon in front of U.S. Magistrates Judge James R. Chow in Brooklyn. The other two accused are absconding.

According to court documents, all defendants have planned international repression to target U.S. citizens whose political views and actions are unpopular with the PRC government, such as in favor of democracy in the PRC. In one of the plots, the co-conspirators sought to interfere in the federal election by conducting a campaign to undermine the candidacy of the US Congressman, who was the leader of the 1989 pro-democracy protests in Beijing, PRC. In another of these schemes, three defendants living in Los Angeles planned to destroy a PRC national artwork that criticized the PRC government, and installed surveillance equipment on the artist’s workplace and car to spy on him from the PRC.

“The allegations released today underscore the horrific and dangerous lengths of the PRC government’s undercover police and these defendants in attacking the rule of law and freedom in New York City and elsewhere in the United States,” said U.S. Attorney Brian Peace. Eastern District of New York. “In all three cases, the defendants were involved in a campaign of silence, harassment, disrespect, and espionage by Americans seeking to exercise their freedom of speech. The United States will not tolerate shameless illegal actions that target American residents, on U.S. soil, and undermine our precious American values ​​and rights. “

“All of the defendants have been charged today under the direction of the PRC Secret Police, in the United States, in a series of measures designed to silence Chinese dissidents,” said Michael J., assistant director-in-charge. Driscoll at the FBI’s New York field office. “The international repression plan poses a growing threat to Americans who choose to speak out against the People’s Republic of China and other regimes. The FBI is committed to protecting the freedom of speech of all Americans, and we will not tolerate any attempt by foreign governments to violate our laws or restrict our freedom. “

The post Five people have been charged with allegedly working as a Chinese secret police for spying, harassing and spying on Americans critical of China.

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