Fox News recalls heroic cameraman, ‘brave’ producer killed in Ukraine

In a touching and inspiring section of Tuesday Special report, Anchor Brett Bare narrates the story of cameraman Pierre “Jacques” Zacharyzewski; His love for journalism and how many of his colleagues and friends remember him. He was shot dead by Russian artillery outside Kiev, Ukraine, on Monday. Fox News producer Alexandra “Sasha” Kuvshinova was also killed, and Benjamin Hall, a State Department correspondent, was hospitalized in the same attack.

“As mentioned, it was a very difficult day for the Fox News family as two of our colleagues died in Ukraine: cameraman Pierre Zakarjevsky and journalist and translator Oleksandra Kuvshinova,” Bayer declared. “They were working with reporter Benjamin Hall outside Kiev when their car caught fire. Benjamin is in the hospital with serious injuries. “

Bayer reported that Zakarzevsky was a “constant presence at an indefinite time” for those who knew him. His teammates on the field “knew they were in good hands” when he was on the team.[b]Because he can do anything. He shot the video, fixed the equipment, created the story and edited the flying pieces. “

And like any good journalist, “Pierre always seemed to know every position, every background. And he had an amazing ability to work under incredible stress and without sleep. “

Things got really heavy because Bear was sharing how Zacharzevsky’s work-family remembers him. “Some of our correspondents who have worked closely with him find this loss particularly difficult,” Bear said.

Today, Trey Ingst posted the photo with Pierre, saying he was “as good as they get. Selfless, courageous, passionate.” Jonathan Hunt says he never forgot the smile and welcome he received from Pierre when he first arrived in Baghdad in 2003. He said Pierre made everyone a good journalist and a good man. Amy Kellogg says Pierre was warm and generous with his time and he was a rare species war reporter who never gave up.

In particular, correspondent Greg Palcott’s account states that Zakarzevsky was with him during the worst war in Iraq and saved his life:

Greg Palcott says he and Pierre were involved with a marine company during the Fallujah war in Iraq. He says Pierre saved his life on many occasions over the years, adding that Pierre hated sitting around the newsroom. He wanted to chase the story.

“And Greg mentioned that even when the worst was happening, Pierre would repeat his favorite advice to keep smiling (…) and it was obviously very difficult today because we had lost not only a colleague but a mentor, a leader and a wonderful friend. Bear lamented.

“We also extend our condolences to the family of journalist Alexandra Kuvshinova,” he added. “Sasha was just 24 years old as she was known. He was working as a consultant, helping our teams navigate the city, gather news, talk to sources. Our correspondents and producers say he was hardworking, funny, kind and brave. “

National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin also shared words and feelings as she finished her report on weapons in Ukraine and a Russian journalist who protested the war on state TV. “The loss and the pain we feel is huge, but if there was ever a time when journalists around the world needed it, journalists risked their lives to tell these stories, to tell the truth, now it’s done,” he said.

Griffin became emotional and, understandably, declared that “[w]Without free news the dictators win. We will redouble our efforts tonight to honor these colleagues and all journalists. ”

Bear probably told Griffin that he did it best: “Your feelings are our feelings tonight.”

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