Germany launches massive online insult campaign against elected officials –

The German government has begun prosecuting its citizens for thought crimes, raiding the homes of hundreds of Germans who have been accused of insulting politicians online.

In an effort to prosecute the “criminal content” of more than 600 statements posted on the Internet, federal criminal police raided several apartments and homes on Tuesday to convict and interrogate 100 people in 13 German states for allegedly posting hate speech against elected officials. Questions have been raised about the outcome of the 2021 federal election, reports German news publication Der Spiegel.

The GStA_FFM_ZIT & BKA and other law enforcement agencies are taking action today with a joint action day against the authors of hateful posts, especially targeting politicians.
As of 6 a.m., action had been taken against more than 100 suspects in 13 federal states. 1/3

– Bundescriminalamut (kabka) March 22, 2022

Tweet translated here.

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, Bundescriminalum, Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, has warned in a press release that “railings against elected officials are banned in Germany and a so-called” joint work day “has been confirmed.

“The basis of this investigation is section 188 of the Criminal Code (StGB), which was amended in the spring of 2021 and makes insults, slander and defamation of people in political life particularly punishable,” the statement said. “Government officials and elected representatives are given special criminal protection [Section]188 StGB, regardless of political level, against hateful postings. “

Holger Munch, president of the Federal Criminal Police Office, has warned that those who violate German law will be held accountable.

“Freedom of expression reaches its limits with the involvement of defamation, insults and threats. With Weekday, we’re making it clear: Anyone who posts hate messages must expect the police to intervene later, “Munch said. Work day. “

Germany is also targeting its citizens for its populist approach in the name of defending democracy. Earlier this month, a German administrative court authorized the country’s internal intelligence agency to conduct a populist alternative survey for Germany, a political party with 81 seats in Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament.

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