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If you love your car, enjoy it as long as you can, because driving around can become a thing of the past if new lawmakers find their way.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Still, when you look at today’s trends, it may not be so far-reaching. If you don’t get a personal driver to fill your car, you know that the price of US gas has risen to an unprecedented level that could actually rise further. Add to this the deliberate closure of the Keystone pipeline which, by 2023, could supply about 830,000 barrels of oil per day, increasing to a capacity of more than one million barrels per day. About half of that amount would turn into gas for cars.

Of course, there are those who blame the latest blockade on oil supplies for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which has led some countries to sever ties with Putin and disassociate themselves from further Russian oil purchases. Irrational outcomes have to rely on hostile countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran to pick up the slack. But if they don’t seem too anxious to do so, what will be the price of available gas or the government’s desire for new outlets and development so that there is plenty of supply?

Very easy! When their plan is to create a cradle for population dependence, the big government has no desire for alternative solutions. This is where Plan B comes into play. For those who have a specific green program, the perfect little world is achieved when you stop driving. Of course, they still can’t get their hands dirty, so it starts with their promotional offer for cars, cars that run on anything other than gas, as well as with great pressure to use public transport.

In fact, if you listen to U.S. Transportation Head Pete Bootigig, his dream is to go on public transport for everyone – everyone except him, because like John Kerry, the US special envoy for climate change, his job is very important. There is no access to private transport when everyone else is in trouble.

The way Bootigig sees it, people need to change how they move around – which means they have to “develop” in terms of how they view personal dynamics. He assured us that “despite our changing future and changing lifestyles, things are going to be meaningful, just as the epidemic showed us in an accelerated fashion.” (, May 10, 2021)

He is now relying on what is not understood by any of us who think our cars are the best way to get around, eventually becoming a clear spontaneous revelation that will persuade us to change our comfortable habits for the last 100 years. Something much less accessible and much less reliable.

But do not be too discouraged! He offers electric vehicles as the wave of the future although charging stations are still not in every corner. Interestingly though, he never talked about the potential threat of an attack on the country’s power grid and how a new type of cyber warfare could cripple every owner of an electric vehicle and make them trapped and paralyzed in the event of such an eventuality. . He did not mention the attack or the exorbitant price of buying a car, the lowest priced Hyundai Kona Electric, priced at around $ 30,000 and the most expensive, Tesla in terms of standard. In the beginning 60,000

Also missing from the conversation is the battery and the raw materials needed to produce it, including lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, manganese and copper. With the ambition of half a million electric vehicles on the road by 2040, how much will these devices cost, not to mention their accessibility? Considering the sources of their countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DCR), it is reasonable to assume that the stability of these countries will serve as a major factor in their ability to operate freely in the market. . However, given China’s dominance in the collection and processing of these materials around the world, the issue of supply or free trade cannot be guaranteed. An example is what is happening in DCR, currently the world’s largest producer of cobalt 6 Their resources are “disproportionately invested and mined by Chinese companies backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)” (risky business: hidden cost of EV battery raw materials www.automotive, 11/23/20)

Any country that relies on electric car batteries could easily disassociate itself from that market if they are thought to be bothering the Chinese Apple Cart in any way.

Did you know that there is a plan to ban the sale of fuel-burning new cars and light-duty trucks in Canada by 2035 to achieve net zero emissions by 2050? In short, governments, if they choose to do so, have the power to force consumers to do what they say is affordable or not. Your likes or dislikes are irrelevant.

But, in a real sense, none of this is about green concerns, a clean environment and low emissions. It is about a new world order, an expression recently used by Biden, who seeks to create complete dependence on otherwise rich, self-reliant countries and individuals. Until now, they had become as self-reliant as possible and determined their own destiny and future, knowing that they could not depend on others for their best interests.

But on the other hand, one could argue that it is, in fact, about environmental issues. Because of the staggering resources that are being raised due to the huge grants received by those who are milking the industry based on erroneous claims, environmental concerns have to be at the forefront and at the center as the urgency of their urgency demands dramatic sacrifices. Still, be sure about this one. When they line up in their pockets, you can be sure that you won’t see them go on the bus anytime soon.

Their argument for change is based on their foolish belief that “we must all work together for the good of mankind.” The question is, “Do they really believe that this is a calculated plan to abolish another independence to keep us completely dependent on big governments and globalists who want to control it completely?”

Forgive me for not believing in the benevolent and selfless motives of those mentioned above, but after two years of testing the Covid-19, I’m a little hesitant to swallow the flashy sales pitch to hollow out our cars in the name of progress. And “life-changing style” for the sake of compromise.

I’m willing to bet that there are plenty like me who value their freedom in the form of their own petrol-powered cars that are ready to take them wherever they want and as far as they want, at any time of the day. Or at night they want.

And, however, even if they see petrol as an old technology that will change in the next twenty years, why would it be so quick to bankrupt our efficient industry and millions of jobs before it becomes a reality? Only those who want to create chaos and more dependence will think it is a good idea.

Warning! There are plans to set you apart from the freedom of movement you currently enjoy. It’s not so hard to believe when you think they’ve already tried to separate us for the last two years! Freedom is increasingly taken away, and it is already working!

Remember, two weeks turned into two years to flatten the curve. In the end, you may find that the best investment you can make is a good old fashioned bike, because when the next global crisis hits, and it certainly will, it may be the only mode of transportation we are allowed to use. !

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