Groups have warned Biden against Internet bans in Russia

Advocacy group warns Biden administration against blocking internet in Russia

In recent weeks, Microsoft, PlayStation, Cash App and many more have disabled their services to boycott the war in Russia. Internet service providers Kozent and Lumen have also suspended services.

Axios Reports say that Access Now, the Center for Democracy and Technology, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Human Rights Watch, the Wikimedia Foundation and more groups have signed a letter authorizing the president to grant the Internet a license. Russia access. The United States has previously allowed sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Syria.

The parties argued that Putin’s move should not deprive citizens of basic Internet access.

They urged the United States to “carefully consider the full impact of such measures and their potential unintended consequences.”

The signatories added that they “broadly applaud the strict sanctions” but expressed concern about the growing call for the Russian people to interfere in the Internet access, which we fear will harm those who try to organize in opposition to the war, reporting incidents publicly and honestly. . ” Access information about what’s happening in Russia, and in Ukraine and abroad. These measures could unnecessarily facilitate further repression by the Russian government. “

For its part, the Biden administration seems to agree that Russians should have basic Internet access, stating: “Restricting the access of the Russian people to the Internet would be bad advice and the US government has not taken any steps to block it.” People in Russia access the Internet. “

“The Russian people did not choose this war. Putin did, “the spokesman continued. “They have a right to know about the death, suffering and destruction being inflicted on the people of Ukraine by their government. The Russian people have a right to know the human cost of this meaningless war from their own troops. “

MRC Free Speech U.S. Vice President and businessman Dan Gainer expressed concern Washington Examiner That de-platforming strategy could be used against Americans in the future.

“We see that Russia is being de-platformed across the world board, and so it is impossible to look at it and think that it will not happen in America and anywhere else,” Gainor said. “A group of people, the world masses, have decided to target Russia, but they are right with the genocide in China. How is it acceptable? There are no rules, and the ones that do exist are changing. “

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