“Guilt by the Association!” NYPD cop politically persecuted for befriending Roger

On January 6, protesters were reminded of the federal political repression that has engulfed the nation, with the NYPD taking responsibility for persecuting one of its own.

Sal Greco, a NYPD police officer, is currently on trial in an internal disciplinary trial for his involvement with Roger Stone, in a gloomy trial room at 1 Police Plaza, Lower Manhattan.

Check out our interview with Roger Stone here:

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“This is a classic case of guilt by the association,” said Roger Stone, who attended the hearing in NYC.

Greco, a 14-year-old NYPD officer, is at risk of losing his job as a NYPD police officer and his pension for befriending Roger Stone. According to a NYPD spokesman, police officers are not allowed to associate with convicted criminals.

Clearly, the NYPD does not realize that Roger Stone was pardoned by President Trump in 2020 for his 7 criminal charges.

Sal Greco, a 14-year-old NYPD officer.

“Roger was the victim of a corrupt and illegitimate witch hunt, which would go down as the greatest political crime in history. He could sleep well at night!” President Trump wrote in a post after apologizing to Stone for all the convictions.

“Stone is technically no longer a criminal,” Ryan said. “President Trump has forgiven him. Clearly, the NYPD does not respect the President’s pardon, the power granted to the President in Article 2 of the United States Constitution. Especially if it’s an apology issued by President Trump. “

Greco has been charged with hanging out with Stone on January 7 and taking pictures outside the Willard Intercontinental Hotel with some members of Stone and Oath Keepers. He is also accused of acting as Stone’s security guard, although he has no record of paying Greco for such services.

Greco’s internal NYPD charges include “damages for departmental discipline and efficiency.”

This past Wednesday, a NYPD internal affairs official took a stand for most of the day. His testimony was mainly presented to the judge with dozens of photos taken from Greco’s social media in the presence of Roger Stone, as well as members of Proud Boys and Othkipar on January 6 and other events.

Part of the evidence in the case against Greco is a statement from FBI informant Joshua James, a sworn witness who is cooperating with the government’s ongoing investigation into Jan. 6. The James collaboration has been described as “a big win for the judiciary” because Dani Hunt continues to convict Trump supporters as much as possible. According to the NYPD, James described Greco as “part of Stone’s security team.”

“James’ testimony is not credible,” said Tina Ryan Citizens against political oppression. “Everyone knows that if you work with the Fed you will say whatever they want to you in exchange for a humble sentence.”

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According to Stone, Greco is a hero who is being abused by the NYPD in a two-tier justice system. (See his full statement here.)

“The whole case seems to be one of the ‘faults’ of the association,” Stone said. “Sal Greco is a hero. This is an officer who has a perfect record of serving the people of New York for fourteen years in a graveyard shift in one of the most dangerous areas in the country … and his revenge is to take away his pension which he has given for fourteen years. ? “

He continued:

He is being considered for the cancellation and loss of his pension, mainly because he is a supporter of President Trump and a friend of mine. He never gave me security, he is my friend. Yes, he was with me on January 5th. None of us were at the Capitol on January 6 or we know anything about it. “

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Mark Claxton, director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, said action against Greco was “appropriate and necessary, albeit belatedly.”

Claxton, a retired NYPD detective, said: “It’s imperative that the department be held accountable if any of its work contributes or supports the organizers of the January 6 uprising or event.” “Since the Capitol police officers have been seriously injured and some have died, the wider law enforcement community expects full accountability. PO Greco’s NYPD colleagues deserve reassurance that he can be trusted to abide by the rule of law and act accordingly. “

To straighten out the record and correct the confused Mr. Claxton, no police officer was killed on Jan. 6. The opposite police officers killed protesters on January 6.

“The NYPD wants to fire a good cop with a spotless record for befriending Roger Stone and taking pictures with him on January 6,” Ryan said. Citizens against political oppression. “But you have the Capitol Police Officer and the DC Metro Police who killed Trump supporters on January 6 who are not being disciplined! Talk about a two-tier system of justice, even within the police force. ”

“In the wake of the crime, we’re spending valuable police resources investigating and trying to prove that Officer Salvatore Greco socialized in an unpaid capacity with Trump adviser and” No R a Fallen “Roger Stone,” said Newsmax host John Tabako. “It’s a complete waste of taxpayer funds that is going to make New York City’s streets safer again.”

Stone also accused The New York Daily News of writing an immoral hit on his friend. Stone said he sent The Daily News clear answers to their questions about Greco but never used them in the story.

“What I told them would completely blow up the false narratives created in their fake news stories,” Stone said. “The Daily News has chosen to be secretive and dishonest in reporting on this.”

He continued:

“If we don’t learn anything from Donald Trump’s years as president, then things like fairness, due process and truth are completely irrelevant to corporate and social media propagandists who act as spokesmen for the Democratic Party and its extremists. They are using cheap Inuendo and ‘guilt by association’ to potentially destroy this patriot’s career for the unforgivable sin of being my friend, subjecting this dedicated officer of law to their latest politically-motivated witch hunt. “

Help Sal ​​Greco here.

There is a set precedent in the history of this NYPD charge Mayor Eric Adams boasts in his memoirs that he protected Mike Tyson, a convicted felon, when he was a police captain. Adams was investigated by internal affairs but not punished by the NYPD. Will the same thing happen to Officer Sal Greco?

“Mayor Adams wrote in his book that he protected Mike Tyson, a convicted felon, when he was a police captain,” Stone said. “Now they say Mr Greco has given me security. That’s not right either, but he’s got me hooked. They argue that I am a convicted felon. Well there are one or two values? They investigated Adams – he was cleared. He began his career at the NYPD তিনি he became mayor. So why is Greco not being kept to the same standard? Do we have a value or do we have two levels of judgment?

“It’s a well-known fact that police make friends with people who are guilty of getting tips on the street,” said a police officer who declined to be named for fear of losing his job. “The line is blurry. As far as I know it’s not a rule to apply in practice.”

If not, of course, you are a vocal Trump supporter.

* We contacted NYPD internal affairs for comment and received no response. Greco’s next hearing is scheduled for March 29. Greco is expected to take the position. Help Sal ​​Greco here.


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