Halina Hutchins bears partial responsibility for her own death, Baldwin claims

(Hollywood, California) – Accused actor Alec Baldwin has filed legal documents blaming Hutchins for the death of shooting victim Halina Hutchins.

Hutchins is an up-and-coming Hollywood photographer who was killed in October when Baldwin accidentally shot him while shooting for the “Rust” movie.

In his new court filing, Baldwin claims that his contract with “Rusty” Productions protects him from any financial liability for the shooting that ended in Hutchins’ death on the New Mexico set, the New York Post reported.

The documents further claim that Hutchins himself told Baldwin where to look for the gun he used to fire the deadly shot.

The filing states that Hutchins “instructed Baldwin to hold the gun high where it was directed at him. He looked intently at the monitor and then at Baldwin, and then returned, as he had instructed.”

The court documents argued that it was clear that Hutchins thought the gun had been unloaded – or “cold”, using Hollywood terminology.

“In providing and following these instructions, Hutchins and Baldwin shared an original, vital belief: that gun was ‘cold’ and had no live rounds,” the document says.

Baldwin’s filing also states that Hutchins instructed Baldwin to bring back the hammer of firearms.

It insists that Baldwin was not responsible for examining the firearm he was given to see if the movie’s guns were under the control of Seth Armor, and that it was loaded.

Baldwin has repeatedly claimed that he did not pull the trigger of the firearm that killed Hutchins.

The filing is another attempt by Baldwin to absolve himself of any responsibility for Hutchins’ death.

Troubled by the lawsuit, Baldwin lashed out at them last week, saying he was being targeted because he had “deep pockets.”

Baldwin was referring to a lawsuit filed by Hutchins’ husband, Matt, in mid-February. The suit depicts a neglected Baldwin running a dangerous film set.

The 63-year-old actor has maintained that he is not responsible for the tragedy at all, but Hutchins has denied the allegations.

Hutchins told “Today” last month, “It’s not unreasonable for me to say that the person holding the gun and responsible for discharging it.”

“But gun safety was not the only issue on that set,” Hutchins added. “There were a lot of industry standards that were not practiced and there are multiple responsible teams.”

Despite the allegations, New Mexico authorities have not filed a complaint against anyone involved in the shooting.

This article was originally published in the Western Journal.

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