Hallcomb Breaks from Indiana Republicans, Transgender Sports Bill – Indie Veto

Indiana Gov. Eric Hallcombe vetoed a bill Monday banning male-born athletes from K-12 female sports.

In a letter to the state House of Representatives, Holcomb said he found no evidence that anyone was being treated unfairly, adding that the bill failed to clarify a policy to justify K-12 sports in Indiana.

“Any bill that should be brought forward should address the issues raised in these cases,” Holcombe wrote.

“Ultimately, the policy is speculative [the legislation] There is an existing problem with K-12 sports in Indiana that requires more state government intervention, ”he continued. “This means that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive women’s sports are not currently being met. After a thorough review, I support the overall goal but find no evidence to support both claims.”

The bill passed the House 66-30 and the Senate 32-18.

WIBC host Rob Kendall on Tuesday offered his thoughts on Governor Holcomb’s decision to veto the Republicans bill. Click below to listen.


Breaks from Post Hallcomb Indiana Republicans, transgender sportsman Bill Vettos first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC.

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