Hard luck, female: USA Today name Trans HHS Sec. ‘Woman of the Year’

So we have another very serious, highly respected “woman of the year” list given to us by USA Today, and would you like to see it? The list of influential and powerful women includes a biological man.

What peace. What an amazing, groundbreaking historical moment we have here!

The world’s first assistant health and human services secretary who is considered a woman (although she is a biological male), Dr. Rachel Levine is now one of USA TODAY’s Women of the Year

So is a man the best woman of the year now? And the curse is right, it is our duty to bow our heads as we applaud loudly for his accomplishments as politically correct Americans.

Suzanne Hackney wrote the March 13 outlet entry about Levine’s newly honored female status, stating that “Rachel Levine is one of the USA TODAY’s Women of the Year, recognizing women across the country who have made a significant impact.” All right, first of all. She’s not a woman, and secondly, how does Hackney feel about knowing that she’s helped masculinity include a man in the “Woman of the Year” category?

It seems that Hackney is not a supporter of feminist cause, to put it bluntly.

So why has Levin been given so much respect – apart from the obvious awakening PR effect? For USA Today, because he held such a high position during the COVID-19 epidemic. The piece showed great respect for his work, saying, “In normal times, his job is essential. During an epidemic, it’s very important.”

Oh yeah, because when we all think about the role of our government during that drawn-out defeat of the epidemic response, we think “important.” Vaccine Mandate – Completely “important” brother.

So yes, Levin is a transgender epidemic fighter who has had an extensive professional career “as a therapist – an academic, a clinical researcher, a primary care physician and secretary of the Pennsylvania Physical General and Pennsylvania Department of Health.”

After all, he is very sympathetic to the plight of women and girls (which is ridiculous):

Levine said she was concerned about the challenges women and girls face in relation to body image. He ran an eating disorder program at Penn State University and was exposed to social media pressure related to appearance.

Ah what a beautiful. Isn’t he so efficient and sympathetic? Too bad Levin has lost the only real qualification to be nominated for “Woman of the Year”. She’s not a crazy woman – she’s a spectator with her long gray hair and a shower over her spiffy new women’s-style HHS naval uniform.

And USA Today, how do you feel about removing this space from a truly biological woman? Does that sound like real equality to you? Or could it be that you are actually taking away from the attainment of real women?

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