Hateful NY Times cries for Jackson, defends Dame Assault over Kavanagh

The New York Times On the front page of the front page on Friday, Biden strongly supported Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, while reliable Democratic defender Carl Hulls slammed Republicans for papering Jackson in a “news analysis” and a “broken confirmation” policy. Process on full display. “

Four years after Democrats hated the trial of current judge Brett Cavanaugh, Washington correspondent Hulls, who lost Cavanaugh’s (temporary) personal reputation, now see how Republicans abused Jackson, the “historic … highly qualified” nominee.

The Republican handling of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson this week was conclusive evidence that the Senate’s Supreme Court confirmation process has been incredibly broken.

Is the process broken now?

Combined with Judge Jackson’s aggressive hostile interrogation, the political dog-whistle and the relentless retrial of past Supreme Court conflicts, which could be not only a restoration for the Senate, but also an important national moment to see the first black woman. Climb to the pinnacle of American law with strong support.

Instead it was an increase in what has come before it in recent years: full-blown questions in Invendo about toxic bias, bitter assaults and the failure of a nominee’s supposed character, which will probably take the street wounds to the high court.

“Do you believe that child hunters are misunderstood?” Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, asked Judge Jackson in one of the many loaded questions to define him as a kind of pedophile enabler, despite years of commendable service on the bench.

The failure of the nominee was set aside in a principle of early biology.

She was questioned about the definition of “woman” at a time when transgender rights were a hot-button issue, and her views on racism and critical racism were repeatedly grilled.

If there was any confirmation from the Supreme Court that could have gone otherwise, it was.

Judge Jackson is a historian nominee, even rated as highly qualified by his critics..

Republican leaders were determined to show that they could be better than Democrats in challenging the other party’s presidential nominee in a respectful way. And they feared that white Republican men grouping on a black woman would not sit well in the election year.

But the Republicans could not help themselves. During the long interrogation, many of them tried to destroy Judge Jackson, or at least drag him down a path of assurance that they were sure the Democrats would be united behind him.

In the end, it attracts media attention with its strong gravitational pull From the right edge of their team Too many Republicans have proven too much to resist …

Also, Republicans are going to avenge the behavior of Democrats from their party’s nominees 35 years ago and are particularly excited. What do they consider the heinous attack on Justice Brett M. Kavanagh by Democrats? At the time of his confirmation four years ago.

This led to the worst part: Hulls’ defense of democratic conduct during the Kavanagh hearing.

But Justice Kavanagh was charged with sexual harassment by someone who agreed to testify under oath at his confirmation hearing, a very different situation from Judge Jackson, who faced a variety of questions that suggested he was an extremist on social issues and a coddler. Child sexual abusers. And while Kavanagh’s hearing was explosive, Democrats at least agreed to hold them back, unlike Republicans who blocked President Barack Obama’s 2016 nominee, Merrick Garland.

And the Republicans have agreed to listen to Kavanagh’s accuser, Christine Blessy Ford, and have agreed to delay the vote for a full week for the FBI to investigate.

The Bar Insane Republicans have created a problem with Jackson’s sentencing record. Four years ago, Democrats displayed a blow-up chart of Brett Kavanagh’s high school yearbook and questioned him about the impenetrable yearbook slang to prove he was a high school drunk. Sen. Amy Cloboucher wondered if she had ever been blackout drunk.

Outside the courtroom, Sen. Maji Hirono of Hawaii suggested that the allegations of rape against Kavanagh were more credible because of his conservative ideology. Sluggie porn lawyer Michael Kavanagh has accused Kavana of running a rape-train at Avenatti High School. These things are not even close to being the same.

Hulls, meanwhile, a credible defender of democracy, was outraged by his choice that Judge Jackson … had to face questions of principle.

Hulls is nervous enough to accuse post-Kavanagh Republicans of “insulting”:

It is difficult to know where the status quo of the Supreme Court review goes. Jackson’s hearing seems to have opened a new frontier in humiliation Focuses so much on the history of his sentence, which means that any sentence handed down by future nominees will now become food for attack.

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