Hits the Truth: Lizo Can’t Stand Politicians Who Call For LGBTQ Propaganda for Kids

In addition to being a big fan of food and a sedentary lifestyle, overweight pop star Lizo is a huge fan of abortion and lets young children go through gender reassignment.

Wow, he’s not talking about something healthy from a distance, is he?

During a recent speaking gig at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, “Truth Hearts” singer spoke out against Texas Republicans who oppose abortion and child persuasion, including trans propaganda.

You see, for Lizo, everything comes naturally to order on the Burger King menu to confuse the kids and support their destruction in the womb. If you want to keep your head up, you can’t have either. But aside from the minor insults, Lizo’s words show that he is not the one with whom you want to leave your children unattended for long periods of time.

During the main conference, the Texas native regained his pride for his state but confirmed to the audience and other speakers that he could not stand their efforts to protect the children from Texas Republicans and life-changing leftist propaganda.

“I’m proud to represent Houston, but I’m not proud to represent Texas in politics right now,” Lizo said. “Focus on your business.” “Trans rights are human rights.”

NBCNews.com reminded readers that Lizzo was referring to a recent order by Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) that child protection services, other state agencies and private citizens investigate or report on families allowing or encouraging the transfer of their young children.

Abbott and the Texas Attorney General believe that “some so-called ‘gender reassignment’ practices constitute child abuse under existing Texas law.” It is difficult to argue that exposing influential children to misleading and life-changing LGBTQ propaganda does not pose a risk to their development and mentality.

Of course the left – and Lizo probably – believes that it oppresses and denies the reality of transgender youth. But really? Seriously? We believe that younger children can consent to sexual consent. Do they know what they are talking about when they say they want to go through life-changing hormones?

Yes it is insane and possibly child abuse. Unfortunately, a district judge blocked Governor Abbott’s recent order.

Lizo then denounced Texas politicians who “have it all in your womb.” Pro-life is more than that. Apparently the pop star is not a fan of the state pro-life “Heartbeat Bill”. “The abortion ban is brutal. Think of your business,” he claimed.

“Stay away from my body. It’s not political,” he added. Oh, Lizo, you don’t have to ask twice.

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