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As Mike Tyson once observed, everyone has a plan until the punch in the face. March 8 was the big day for the anti-oil Democrats. Leaders of the House Oversight Committee had planned to tighten the thumbscrew after oil bigwigs were pelted during two previous hearings on the failure to tackle climate change. At their October 2021 hearing, committee chair Caroline Maloney (D ‑ NY) and chief investigator Rowe Khanna (D ‑ NY) ‑CA) emphasized that Big Oil was committed to reducing oil and gas production by 3-4% annually (50 by 2050). -70%). Otherwise, global temperatures would rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius (since the Little Ice Age ended and the Industrial Revolution began, both in the 1850s) – which “science” claims will be a “threat to existence” for planet Earth. There is no need for an “American Apple Pie talk” about “meeting the needs of society,” Mr. Khanna told ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods. Will Exxon reduce production? Yes or no? The congressman demanded. During the February 8, 2022 hearing, the two legislators demanded that the oil companies keep their “climate commitments.” Shell and BP, they say, have all promised to be net-free in their greenhouse gas emissions. However, ExxonMobil and Chevron’s commitments only apply to emissions associated with drilling and manufacturing activities. This is completely inadequate, Maloney and Khanna argued A

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