How different will the Colts quarterback play style be with Matt Ryan? – Indy

Indianapolis Colt fans are used to it now.

They haven’t had the same starting quarterback in a 7-year-long season.

Indie fans will see Matt Ryan under the center in 2022And he came up with a completely different style of quarterbacking than the outgoing Carson Wentz.

You can even feel it when you hear the description of this step from Chris Ballard and Frank Rich.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to acquire Matt Ryan, a proven veteran who brings tremendous experience to our team,” Ballard said in a team press release. “Matt’s leadership and skills will complement our list of growth and success. He has been a great ambassador for the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons for a long time and we are excited that he will be able to continue his successful career at Indianapolis. “

“I’ve long praised Matt for his steady, methodical approach to the game,” Rich added. “He is one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league and has led the drive to win the fourth quarter. Matt will be a great representative for our organization, and I’m excited to be working with him and the rest of the team this offseason. “

Let’s take a look at the different styles that will bring Ryan Indy to QB position:


­– Processing, leading to improved precision: Compared to Wentz, Ryan’s mental capacity should be better at managing and processing things at the pre-snap level and then running faster post-snaps. Yes, Ryan Wentz is not as familiar with the offense as he is, but he has 14 years of NFL experience that will help him identify the quarterback. There were questions about how Wentz used his eyes and his struggles in reading / processing. Given Ryan’s intelligence in the position, the Colts should be better out there. 2022 should have more accurate and timely quarterbacks more consistently.

-Leader: Whether you read the Atlanta Brass quotes leaving Ryan alone in the 14th NFL season or read the above quotes from Chris Ballard and Frank Rich, this quarterback has zero waffles off the field. Like Philip River from 2020, Ryan should immediately walk into the Colts locker room and be honored. The same cannot be said for Wentz. It will be hard to see on Sunday, but it is clearly something that Ballard / Rich’s staff is expecting to be different.

-Clutch Moment: See what Reich Ryan has to say above about “… leading to countless fourth-quarter game-winning drives.” The Colts weren’t a good fourth-quarter team last year. Wentz often dries up as the game progresses. “Matty Ice” is known for his play when the game is on the line. Something that really bothered Chris Ballard last year was the 2-5 record in a single score game. Ryan has a history of performing in such a final-quarter stage and his personal post season numbers are also impressive. It’s something Wentz didn’t bring to the table.


– Mobility: Perhaps the biggest physical difference between Wentz and Ryan will come from plays that the two can make with their feet. The run / pass option game won’t go with the Ryan quarterbacking quotes, but its ‘run’ component will be quite non-existent. In today’s NFL, you don’t see many quarterbacks who lack some decent level of mobility. Ryan falls into Matthew Stafford’s division in this part of their game. It limits things and will shrink the RPO game we saw in 2021 with Wentz.

– Arm strength: Again, compared to Wentz, Colts will have somewhat less “arm talent” in the 2021 quarterback. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something that will be different Of course, there were times when you could not fully feel Wentz’s arm because he was unable to show it. There is no denying that Ryan has recently fallen. His objective per number of attempts last year was near the bottom of the NFL. His quarterback rating last season was the lowest of his 14-year career. Did this dad start building some picks during? Ryan doesn’t have a ‘noodle arm’ but the number of really big games for him has dropped somewhat in recent years.

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