How the current law will deal with the Marley attack on Titan

In this article, the author describes how current law would deal with Marley’s war crimes in the wake of the Titan attack.

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Now for the sake of brevity I call it AOT And start!

How to start AOT?

The AOT began with the description that the earth is full of man-eating humanoid animals. The Titans. Titan consumes people and thousands of people are left; Who built tall and strong walls to protect themselves from the Titans. It is said that humanity is destroyed beyond the walls! The walls have three rings in which the rest of humanity exists.

  1. (Innermost wall) Wall Cena
  2. (Middle wall) Wall Rose
  3. (Outermost wall) Wal Maria

So now this seems easy. Right?

Titans eat humans and humans either fight the Titans or stay away from them! Clich এ anime stuff. Right?

A big NO!

Tragedy begins!

For 100 years, people were safe from the Titans, thanks to all the walls!

Most of the Titan was 20 meters long, while the walls were 50 meters long!

However, one day, a giant Titan appeared (6o meters long!) It appeared beyond the third outer wall (Wal Maria) and broke.

All the Titan entered the outer region and devoured most of the people in that region.

The hero of the program said Erin Yeager His mother picked up a Titan and devoured him right before his eyes.

He promises that he will kill all the Titan in the world!

Looks like the story has begun! Right?

A big NO!

1st plot twist

Naturally, Erin has included herself Scout Regiment. Deal and fight directly with the Scout Regiment Titans! Eren was the only way to fight the Titans.

As a result, an opportunity was created and Eren got a chance to fight the Titans. During the war, something happened and Eren transformed himself into a lunatic Titan! He transformed into Titan and started killing other Titan.

Remember the Titans don’t have the ability to think. Titan, Eren has been transformed; Irene had intelligence. Let’s call Eren Titan Shifter!

For a Titan shifter to become a Titan, he must inflict physical harm on himself. In this case, Eren simply bites his hand, damages and transforms himself into Titan.

Then there are many dramas. However, let’s jump to other relevant information!

Moving forward

Now it is clear that in some cases a man can transform into a Titan and such titans are different from the average idiot Titan, thanks to his intelligence. However, as the story progresses we learn that there are more Titan shifters. The Titan Shifter was, in fact, the one who broke the outer wall that led to the tragedy.

Erin learns that her closest friend is a Titan shifter who broke down the wall.

Why would people want to annihilate the human race?

Can all humans be transformed into Titan?

At this stage we are full of questions.

Revealing the truth

At the beginning of the story; It was said that all the secrets of the Titans could be revealed if one explored the basement (Wal Maria) of Irene’s house in the outer region.

However, the Titans had their territory within Wal Maria. Eren and his comrades fight the Titans and go straight to his basement. There they found a diary and it contained everything.

We have learned that people have not died beyond the walls. The people living within the walls are called aldians. The Adlians living within the walls live in the middle of a small island called Paradise. They couldn’t get out of the wall because of the Titans roaming around. Therefore, they never knew the existence of the outside world.

The people of Paradise never knew about the ocean, the mountains, the desert, etc.!

Then it is revealed that the Eldians are a special race. Once injected by a special liquid, they transform into a mindless Titan, who eats humans. In addition, there are nine other Titan shifters that have human intelligence. The most powerful Titan shifter Founder of Titan. Founder Titan has the power to control all Titan and Aldian people.

For 2000 years, the Eldians have ruled the world and terrorized humanity with their power. However, after a certain period of time, a ruler of the Aldian Empire decided to relinquish world domination and move to Paradise Island with the other Aldians. He left 8 Titan shifters in the hands of Marley (neighboring country). He built three walls with huge mindless Titans and with the ability to manage the Aldians he forgot their past and manipulated them in such a way that humanity was destroyed outside the walls.

However, Marley controlled 7 Titan shifters. Which could not be controlled Titan Attack. He was the father of Irene who hid on Paradise Island and later gave his power to his son Erin Yeager

What happened after the withdrawal of the Aldian Empire?

King Fritz left Marley and took almost all the Aldians to Paradise Island. However, some Aldians returned to Marley. Marley began the description by saying that it was the Marlayan forces that brought the Aldian Empire back to its place. The state has created interim territories for the rest of the Eldians and has made it a law that they cannot leave the territory without prior permission.

The majority of the population and the remaining Eldians in the state began to abuse. Moreover, with the power of seven Titan-shifters, Marley began to dominate various wars against different countries. Marley began to exploit the rest of the Eldians.

  1. They use Titan shifters to lead the fight for Marley
  2. They punished the Adelians by injecting them with special liquids and transforming them into idiots. Leaving them on Paradise Island. 100 years later, Paradise Island is full of mindless Titan (beyond the walls).
  3. They used the Aldians as a suicide squad, where they injected dozens to hundreds of Aldians with special liquids and used them as battle bait.
Marley converted the Eldians and left 100 dumb Titans in enemy territory

However, 100 years after the exploitation of the Eldians in war; Marley realized that it depended heavily on the Aldians. Other nations began developing technologies to deal with the Titans.

To counter the power of technology, it started thinking of attacking Paradise Island And claims Founder Titan. Founder Titan claims that Marley will be able to summon millions of mindless giant Titan. As a result, Marley breaks down the wall and sends three Titan shifters to Paradise to claim founder Titan.

Law for the crime that Marley committed!

Suppose Marley is a signatory to the following international law:

Using the Eldians as a suicide squad in battle

Let’s get this straight. Titan migrants can return to human form; However, once an Aldian is transformed into a mindless Titan, he remains in that form for eternity or until someone cuts off Titan’s neck! Therefore, it makes sense to call them Suicide Squad. Right?

As can be seen in this picture; Eldian soldiers are wearing serum belts. After approaching the enemy bunker, they were supposed to be hit by a bullet and, as a result, got that serum in their blood. After the conversion, there will be no going back. They will stay Titan until someone cuts their neck.

This comes under Extreme tortureWhich is Inhuman And it is a part and parcel Biological test As a result it happens Big trouble! Considering all this, it can be said that Marley violated the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949.

Serious violation of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, namely, any of the following actions against persons or property protected under the relevant Geneva Conventions:

(B) torture or inhumane treatment, including biological examination;
(C) intentionally causing great distress, or serious injury to the body or health;

Attacking Paradise

Armored Titan is violating Wall Maria

Marley broke down the walls of Paradise Island and sent three Titan shifters to recover the founder Titan. They were

  1. Armored Titan, aka Pure brown
  2. Colossal Titan, aka Boruto Hoover
  3. Female Titan, aka Annie Leonhart

They broke through the walls and as a result, a huge population was swallowed up by the mindless Titans.

It was a Intentional attacks on civilians. The walls were to protect the Aldians from the hands of the stupid Titans. These The walls have been deliberately destroyed. For this reason Incidental loss of life And Damage to civilian objects.

This law was a serious violation of the law and practice applicable to international armed conflict within the established framework of international law, namely, any one of the following laws:

(A) deliberately conducting attacks against civilians, as well as individual civilians not directly participating in hostilities;
(B) Deliberately attacking with the knowledge that such an attack may result in the death or injury of civilians or harm to civilians
(C) attacks or bombings, whatever they may be, of cities, villages, residences or buildings which are unprotected;

Consequences of violating the Geneva Conventions

Marley has clearly violated the Geneva Conventions.

What will be the consequences now?

Nothing, according to Carol Bogart of Human Rights Watch. The Geneva Conventions are a standard by which prisoners of war and civilians must be treated. There is no provision for punishment in the document, but violations can lead to moral resentment and lead to trade sanctions or other forms of economic retaliation against the offending government.


Erin Yeager

Listen to me, all of Yami’s stuff. My name is Erin Yeager. I now speak to all of Emir’s subjects, through the power of Founder Titan. Every wall on Paradise Island has been fortified. The Titans pressed between them began to walk. My goal … is to protect the aliens who gave birth and raised me. But the world wants the extinction of the people of Paradise. Over the years, their hatred has grown outside the island. They will definitely not stop until they kill every last one of us. I reject their wishes. The Titans of the Walls will trample and roar all the land outside the island. Until there is life… erased from this world!

Erin Yeager (founder of Titan)

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