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Posted: March 25, 2022 12:01 AM

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There are many pressing issues affecting education today, ranging from financial accountability, measurement of learning, equality in education and the urgent need for qualified educators. But the lack of civic education in our schools today is already affecting our country and will continue to damage our democracy, unless we are serious about teaching what it means to be a US citizen. A recent survey found that 13,400 Civics of the Eighth National Association of Educational Progress scored less than 25 percent at the skill level. This means that three out of four students cannot explain the basic functions of our constitutional republic. And as the NAEP rightly points out, the dominance of citizenship is “critical to the responsibility of citizenship in the constitutional democracy of the United States.” At a time when our politics is becoming increasingly polarized, civic education has undergone brief changes at the middle and upper levels. School curriculum. According to the Center for Civic Literacy at Indiana University, the federal government is currently spending $ 4 million a year on civics. Twenty years ago, it spent an estimated $ 40 million on civic science Obviously, our children are not getting adequate civic education This is not a new problem; Two out of three adult Americans.

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