Hunter, Burisma, Kolomovsky, Zelensky and “Donetsk burned alive”

Is the United States being dragged into WW 3 for the Biden crime family corruption? Borisma Holdings is owned by Oligarch Ihor Kolomovsky, who supported President Vladimir Zelensky’s campaign and funded the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, writes blogger Kanekoya the Great. The deep corruption of Hunter Biden and The Big Guy in Ukraine may also explain Hunter’s mysterious mention of “burning alive in Donetsk.”

Hurter hired Biden on May 12, 2014 for মাসে 83,000 a month, despite having no experience in Ukraine or the energy sector, the largest natural gas company in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings. Coincidentally, at the same time, Vice President Joe Biden was given the responsibility of running Ukraine at the Obama White House. This is just three months after Victoria Nuland’s “$ 5 billion coup” (

The benefactor of Hunter Biden was not actually the CEO of Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, Kenekoya claimed, but he was the oligarch Ihor Kolomovsky. Kolomovsky is the third richest person in Ukraine with an estimated wealth of $ 2.4 billion, and was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk in 2014 by the new government.

A 2012 study by Burisma Holdings in Ukraine, conducted by the Anti-Corruption Action Center (AntAC), an American nonprofit non-profit organization co-financed by American billionaire George Soros and the US State Department, found that the real owners of Burisma Holdings were none other than Ukrainians. -Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky “, wrote Kanekoa.

(After NTAC, DNC and Alexandra Chalupar were the source of Russiagate fraud.)

“The survey, funded by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to dig up corruption, instead found that Ihor Kolomovsky was able to” seize Ukraine’s largest natural gas reserves, “” Kanekoya wrote.

“In other words, the boss and benefactor of Hunter Biden in Burisma Holdings is the same Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch who also claimed the position of boss and benefactor over Volodymyr Zelensky before he became President of Ukraine.”

Zelensky became famous for playing the role of a president on the TV sitcom “Servant of the People”, which was aired on Kolomoisky’s TV network, 1 + 1 Media Group. In 2019, Kolomovsky even provided security, lawyers and vehicles for Zelensky during his campaign, according to Kanekoar. Kolomovsky’s bodyguard and lawyer were on a campaign trail with Zelensky because Zelensky was surrounded by a Range Rover owned by a Kolomovsky company.

The “Pandora Papers” leaked by Soros NGO ICIJ and OCCRP in 2021 shows that Zelensky and his partners in the TV production company Kvartal 95 set up a network of offshore firms that began at least 2012, the year the company began producing regular content. The TV stations owned by Ilom Kolomovsky … Zelensky’s associates used offshore purchases and ownership of three major properties in central London, “the OCCRP wrote.

In 2012, Zelensky’s production company entered into an agreement with Kolomovsky Media Group, which received $ 41 million in funding from Kolomovsky’s private bank, Kanekoya said. Kolomoisky is accused of embezzling $ 5.5 billion through a PrivatBank subsidiary in Cyprus, “equivalent to about 5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product,” the OCCRP wrote.

After the 2014 coup, the West began to help the Ukrainian government with $ 15 billion from the International Monetary Fund. The money disappeared almost completely under mysterious circumstances, allegedly through oligarch-held banks, such as private banks. Gateway scholars report that some of this may even go to the Clinton campaign.

PrivatBank was nationalized in 2016 Kolomoisky has been fighting to get it back ever since Sponsoring a president can be a great way to get your bank back.

“After Zelensky’s victory, Kolomovsky, who has lived between Israel and Switzerland for the past few years, returned to Ukraine to maintain his relationship with the new president, nominating more than 30 lawmakers to Zelensky’s newly formed party and maintaining influence with many of them. Parliament, ”wrote Kanekoya.

On March 2, 2022, Mikhail Watford, a Ukrainian businessman, was found hanging from his palace outside London in mysterious circumstances. Watford has been at war with Kolomovsky since 2002 over private banking.

Igor Kolomoiskyo was “the top fundraiser of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion since its formation in 2014,” wrote Kenekova, who led the Kyiv government’s invasion of Luhansk and the Russian-majority republic of Donetsk. A 2014 Amnesty International report accused Kolomovsky’s Idar Battalion in Donbass of war crimes, specifically referring to “widespread abuse, including kidnapping, unlawful detention, abuse, theft, extortion, and possible death penalty.” More than 14,000 people have been killed in the war against Donbass since 2014.

In October 2014, Human Rights Watch reported that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias were responsible for the widespread use of cluster munitions in populated areas of Donetsk. “Most countries are shocked to see a weapon that has been so widely banned in eastern Ukraine,” said Mark Hizney, a senior arms researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Ukrainian authorities should immediately pledge not to use cluster munitions and join the agreement to ban them.”

“Children’s schools in Donetsk have been hit so hard by indiscriminate shelling that basements have been set up as make-shift bomb shelters and windows have been raised with sandbags,” Kanekoya wrote. “Donbass has become one of the world’s most landmine-contaminated sites, putting more than 220,000 children at risk.”

The nonprofit research group Marco Polo, which is reporting extensively on Hunter Biden’s laptop, has linked Hunter Biden’s text messages to the Kolomovsky genocide in eastern Ukraine, according to Kanekoar.

In text messages found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hunter Biden asks his girlfriend, Haley Biden, his brother’s widow, if she believes he has “burned children alive in Donetsk” or “killed children in Donetsk, Ukraine.”

The president’s son Hunter’s seemingly bizarre remarks may be a reference to his so-called Burisma boss Kolomovsky, who was also financing the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which is accused of war crimes in Donbass and shooting civilians and children.

This is why they want to drag us to WW 3.

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This post all comes together: Hunter, Burisma, Kolomovsky, Zelensky, and “Donetsk’s Burning Child Alive” first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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