“Hunter government does not work” – said Psaki refused to answer questions

The New York Times on Thursday after confirming the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki ignored two questions about Hunter bidenera laptop “laptop from hell” is actually real.

The New York Times has finally admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.

In October 2020, the New York Post released an “October surprise” on Biden’s presidential campaign and released an email from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Remember, Jen Psaki, a reporter when he fled before the lecture bidenera Laptop Hunter story “Russian confusion,” he was asked about the previous Tweets.

Hunter bidenera Russian disainapho story, Intel officials said dozens of former https://t.co/zRdHxTxVsl

– Jen Psaki (@jrpsaki) October 20, 2020

The White House on Thursday, two journalists Shakir Hunter bidenera faced with a laptop and his previous claims that it was “Russian confusion.”

Psaki apparently looked irritated and refused to answer any questions.

“The president said that before [Hunter Biden laptop scandal]… There was a bunch of garbage and a Russian plant. The evaluation of the firm? A journalist asked.

Skip Psaki answered him, “[Hunter] Does not work for the government. “

.@ Philip oyegamyana: NYT “Hunter has proven bidenera emails seem to come from an abandoned laptop … the president said before …[it] There was a bunch of garbage, and … it was a Russian plant. He stood beside[?]”

Psaki said the lawyers went to the DOJ and the Hunter … pic.twitter.com/88R5B5O0EH

– Curtis Haq (@ Curtis Haq) March 17, 2022

Daily Mail reporter followed the second question from the abyss Hunter bidenera laptop behind and judicial Psaki said the reporter.

Psaki his brazen lies about the Hunter bidenera laptop has refused to apologize for.


Daily Mail @ Rabakrili Following @ Philip oyegamyanaHunter Q: “In October 2020, it was dismissed as a Russian confusion. What do you stand for the assessment?

Psaki Hunter’s lawyers to ask DOJ and the United States reiterated that he simply “spokesman”, not his. pic.twitter.com/T2KTVWFHcH

– Curtis Haq (@ Curtis Haq) March 17, 2022

Post Hunter government does not work “- Hunter Psaki bidenera laptop from Hell (Video) has refused to answer questions about the first gateway to the scholar.

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