ICYMI: CNN wants ‘ceasefire’ with Fox, reports Zucker

With headlines about Russia’s brutal and provocative war against Ukraine predominating, you may have missed some recent headlines for CNN, which wants to return to the past reputation for war and past reports. But reporting from a far-left outlet at the Daily Beast and Rolling stoneJeff Zucker’s headaches aren’t over and, when it comes to CNN’s future, there’s plenty to look at.

The article was last Tuesday, March 8, the Daily Beast Accused Incoming CNN boss Chris Licht has been asked “An offensive ceasefire on his network” And “Strong coverage” Fox News.

The trio said that Licht – K is coming from CBS Late show After creating CBS this morning And MSNBC’s Morning Joe – “Already started backchanneling with key people, including agents and reporters.”

A question: What will CNN do with its time when the war in Ukraine is over?

Speaking of which, the Daily Beast is a quote The Washington Post Pieces Licht argued that CNN wanted to return to a network-based network “Tough News” And, in particular, he plans “To protect often opinionated and emotional reporting from celebrities.”

Even better, they put names, with quotes “Jim Acosta, Brianna Kyler, and especially Don Lemon, who currently hosts the network’s rating-deficit 10pm to midnight programming.”


What’s more, for their fellow Carnival Barkers? Try this: “Under Licht, expect to see a less biased panel with more boot-on-the-ground reporting and talking like former Trump activist Alyssa Farah.”

No one should be under the impression that CNN will suddenly give up its liberal tendencies, but it would be worthwhile to see the less liberal masses scattered on six or eight different cameras.

And Licht because of their interest in free agent Lynn Brian or CNN + host Chris Wallace to fill Fredo Cuomo’s time slot. “Appointments have been positively accepted by CNN and especially among the on-air talents who are tired of some of the extra coverage of Zucker’s departure.”

Over at Rolling stoneThey Cited 36 Sources is the title of a disgusting part: “‘Kuomo-W. Trump-L.’: How CNN’s Jeff Zucker and his friends manipulated the news; the text, the email exchange, and 36 sources tell the true story behind the collapse of the ultimate TV operator.”

Reporter Tatiana Siegel had things, including how Zucker and colleague / girlfriend Alison Golst teamed up to twist CNN coverage with their personal will, especially to increase then-Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) in 2020 (“Expand” Click on ”:

On the rainy morning of March 28, 2020, President Trump addressed a phalanx of reporters outside the White House after a call with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “There’s a possibility that sometime today, we’ll do a quarantine in New York, possibly in certain parts of New Jersey and Connecticut – short-term, two weeks -” he said while holding his umbrella. “It simply came to our notice then. You know, I don’t want to do that, but we may need it. “

Hours later, Kuomo was asked about Trump’s remarks at his daily news conference. “From a medical standpoint, I don’t know what you want to achieve,” he suggested with a shrug.

But as the sunset approached, the governor appeared on CNN with a more forceful assessment, predicting that a quarantine would reveal “chaos and mayhem” in the trilateral region and lead to the financial impact of such a move. “I think it will cripple the economy,” he said. “I think it will push the economic market in a way we have never seen before.”

CNN anchor Anna Cabrera raises a seemingly tailor-made question: “What does this mean for the stock market? Should it be stopped? “

“Oh, it’s going to fall like a rock,” Kuomo insisted. “It will throw this economy in a way that will not recover for months, if not years.”

What viewers did not know was that within hours of Kuomor’s Albany press conference and his CNN dinner-hour attendance, he was in direct contact with the CNN leadership. “Tell Jeff to call me,” Kuomo wrote in an apparent reference to CNN President Jeff Zucker, who sent a text to Alison Golst, the network’s top marketing and communications executive, who was also his own promoter a few years ago. Zuckerberg’s representatives said he had “no record” of talking to Kuomo that day. Regardless, Cuomo landed at a point of discussion sure to draw Trump’s attention. And because of their long and lucrative relationship with the reality show The Apprentice, Zucker must have known which levers to pull when it came to the president.

About 30 minutes before Cuomo appeared on CNN via a remote feed, Gulst emailed a programming staff, CCed Zucker and offered the governor a last-minute guest to talk about Trump’s proposed quarantine. He then told Zucker that the governor wanted to talk to him. When the segment was over, Gollust texted Kuomo: “Good. . . Cuomo-W. Trump-L. “

Referring to his own downfall, Siegel said Zucker had behavior “Final of” His “More than three decades have passed in the lucrative pursuit of ratings and power, a career that will nurture a toxic culture on two networks and inspire the flames of a confusing age along the way.”

Siegel also called him “Both Kingmaker and King” When referring to CNN, he referred to “a former NBC comrade” who described Zucker as someone who “Something has to be done for good ratings and buzz, journalistic ethics will be cursed.”

Here are some unpleasant details (click “expand”):

Although Zakar claimed that his resignation was the result of an unfolding incident, the plot twists abound. First, both sides claim that their relationship has recently become romantic. (“Jeff and Allison have had a professional partnership for over 22 years. It evolved over time and became romantic during Covid’s time. Any speculation is false,” said Heller.) However, several colleagues say it began decades ago. .

According to a source familiar with the CNN investigation and another who is a democratic operative, Gulst’s ongoing connections with Governor Cuomo also raised eyebrows. Two sources familiar with the matter said Golst and the governor exchanged texts where they agreed to meet for drinks at multiple events in 2019 and 2020. In early 2020, a few months after her breakup from partner Sandra Lee, Quomo asked Golst, “You don’t want to see me unmarried now?” , He sent a text to Golst asking him to be his “pool boy”. He responded that he would welcome the scene and they set up a call. When their texting resumed, Golst wrote, “It was fun. Sleep well. “


Gollust’s text has overtaken the chat of friends. When a rumor spread that Trump was about to close New York City, Gallagher invited the governor to come on CNN’s new day the next morning and “squash it.” He taunted his former boss, “I’m sure I stopped being your evangelist 8 years ago, but obviously I’m still here.” On another occasion, he asked her to criticize his press conference.


It was well known that Gollust and Zucker were more than colleagues, NBC alumni say. They often flew together on NBC private jets with other Today colleagues, who sources say were involved in a secret relationship with a married top news executor. It was at this time that Lauer began to target rising stars, young, vulnerable women, especially assistants, temps and receptionists.


While skeptical of what Zucker knew about Lauer’s behavior, NBC’s top dog leaked a formula at a 2008 Frey’s Club anchor roast that dubbed “three hours of penis and pussy jokes” at the expense of many curries. “It’s nice to see Matt here and not under my desk,” Zucker cracked. “I don’t mean to say that Matt is a germophob, but he’s the only person I know who uses purulent before and after masturbation.”

Despite all the publicity about Lauer later, Zucker was friendly with #MeToo Periyar. In 2019, he and Golst attended Zucker’s 54th birthday party at the McKittick Hotel in New York. Couric’s 2021 memoir, Going there, describes Threesome Palling at Don Lemon’s 2019 engagement party in Hampton.

When it came to Trump, Siegel said Zucker’s decision was to wage war against his administration “Played directly in his hand” And “Set stage for misinformation age” Where important and (actually) information-based information people will not trust them.

As part of his close, Siegel commented that Zucker left “The media landscape is shattered more than ever with the highest distrust of journalists ever.” And Zucker’s CNN made his decision “Coverage … not by subjects, but by any sensational Drake will keep an eye on the screen, and the newsroom where the alleged hunters roamed free.”

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