Idaho state legislature passes Texas-style bill to ban abortion in six weeks

(BOISE, Id.) – The Idaho state legislature on Monday passed a Texas-style abortion bill banning abortion six weeks after conception. The law would allow any family member to sue the provider. However, this bill does not apply to unwanted pregnancies due to rape, incest and medical emergencies.

The state legislature passed the bill by a vote of 51-14 and went to Republican Gov. Brad Little for signature.

Fox News reports:

The Idaho House of Representatives passed a bill Monday banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and allowing family members to sue any doctor.

The bill, which passed 51-14 and is now on the desk of Republican Gov. Brad Little, after being previously passed by the Idaho Senate, made Idaho the first state to pass a law that prohibits abortion after nearly six weeks of pregnancy, reflecting Texas’ controversial law.

Like Texas law, the Idaho Bill enacts a ban on private individuals, allowing individuals to sue in state courts against those who complain of such illegal abortions. The bill includes exceptions to rape, incest and medical emergencies.

The proposed Idaho law allows abortion providers to sue for a minimum of $ 20,000 compensation for an abortion within four years of the abortion, which would have been the father, grandparents, siblings, aunt and uncle of the unborn child.

Meanwhile, Texas achieved a major victory for the unborn when the “Heartbeat Bill” was signed into law.

The law outlaws all abortions after the fetal heart activity has been detected – unless there is a medical emergency involving the mother.

Abortion has declined in Texas since the signing. The Texas Supreme Court has ruled against abortion providers – effectively ending the challenges of the abortion bill.

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