“If he really believes it, he’s an insult.” – Attorney Davis leaves

Mitt Romney on Tuesday defended Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson from fellow Republicans for pointing out his disgusting humility in the child porn case.

Romney defended the dangerous Natzob Ketanji Jackson as an “experienced lawyer”.

Romney: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an experienced lawyer, and I know his historic nomination will inspire many. I look forward to meeting Judge Jackson in person, thoroughly reviewing his record and testimony, and evaluating his eligibility during this process.

– Chad Pargram (ChadPargram) February 25, 2022

Attorney Mike Davis went against Romney in the War Room on Tuesday afternoon.

Mike Davis: Mitt Romney is trying to corner the Lincoln Project branch of the Republican Party. The Trump-distorted Lincoln Project, the Liz Cheney branch of the Republican Party. If he really believes that the record of a Supreme Court nominee for U.S. senators, including the punishment of his seven child sex offenders, should not be seen as a lenient punishment … he should resign. If he really believes it then he is insulting.

The post “If He Really Believes It, He’s An Insult” – Attorney Davis Goes On Mitt Romney After Defending Ketanji Jackson’s Hateful Record (Video)

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