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Asked if he would consider Mike Pence his running mate in 2024, Trump said, “I don’t think people will agree. [him]”

The former president also highlighted the “feverish” efforts of members of Congress to change the Electoral Counts Act (ECA) of 1887, which indicates how Congress counts the votes of the Electoral College.

“Mike thought he was going to be a human conveyor belt. No matter how fraudulent the vote, you have to send them to the Old Crowe,” President Trump told Washington Examiner in an interview on Tuesday.

“But that went wrong. Because now, as you know, they are desperately trying and working to get it so that Vice President Mike can’t do what he couldn’t do. [but really [could]”

Recently, Mitch McConnell extended his hand to Democrats, proposing to amend the law. Under its current form, the ECA allows states to appoint new electors, gives members of Congress the right to object to selectors for any reason, and is written in such a way as to give the vice president sufficient leeway.

Even liberal “experts” have acknowledged that President Trump would have been able to retain the presidency if he had had enough Republicans support him. Since, as you know, the ECA does not define the Vice President to play a fully formal role in the electoral college vote count, Pence may theoretically delay the count or approve voter objections.

But Pence refused to cooperate in the plan.

“Mike and I. Was A great relationship without the very important factor that happened in the end. We Was A very good relationship, “said the President. “I haven’t spoken to him in a long time.”

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