In the face of stock trade controversy, Cindy used taxpayer funds to hire Exxon Dam fixers.

Just days after a non-partisan watchdog group filed a lawsuit, Congresswoman Cindy Axon failed to disclose up to $ 645,000 in stock trades, using thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds to hire Iowa Democrat liberal fixer Mark Elias.

From September 24 to September 30, Exxon paid Elias Law Group about $ 5,700 for a “non-technology services agreement.” House Distribution Published Exxon’s partnership with Display Elias lasted until October, when he paid an additional $ 12,567 to the longtime Democratic operative. The September deal began just two days after the Campaign Legal Center submitted one Complaints of morality Axne sold more than 40 assets, valued at approximately $ 43,043 to $ 645,000, in 2019 and 2020 without disclosing the transactions, in violation of the STOCK Act, which requires members of Congress to report large financial transactions within 30 days.

Exxon faces a tough re-election bid in a district where former President Donald Trump won both 2016 and 2020 To admit That he failed to report the business, calling the supervision a “clerical problem.” To correct the problem, Exxon said he “brought in outside advice to audit his reports.” But Axen hired who and did not disclose the taxpayer’s next expense. Now, Exxon’s financial filing reveals that Democrats used at least $ 18,229 in taxpayer funds to list Elias.

When faced with a controversial issue, the only Iowa Democrat in Axon goes back to Elias, far away. In 2020, Rita Hart, a failed congressional candidate, hired Elias to try to overturn the Democrat election, after losing to Republican Congresswoman Marianette Miller-Mix by six votes. Instead of taking the matter to the Iowa court system, Elias sought to bring the decision to a vote in the House, where Democrats have a majority. The strategy ultimately failed কিন্তু but only after the House Democrats paid the taxpayers’ bills More than $ 800,000 in legal fees.

Iowa Republican Chairman Jeff Kaufman has reprimanded Elias for hiring Eliasson after “trying to undermine the will of Iowa voters.”

“Cindy Axon’s stock trade is now costing Iowa taxpayers a good deal of money,” Kaufman said. Washington Free Beacon. “It is displeasing to the people of Iowa that Axis will hire Democrat lawyer Mark Elias when he tried to thwart the will of Iowa voters and remove state-certified winner Marianet Miller-Mix from office. Democrats want to believe they are defending democracy, but it looks like Axon is now bankrolling a lawyer who wanted to destroy it. “

Exxon, whose office did not return a request for comment, served on the Financial Services Committee at a time when it had failed to report dozens of its stock trades. Democrat Dr. in February Came out against A ban on congressional stock trading.

After that position, Axon faced criticism Reverse course In just one day, saying New York Times That he “firmly believes[s] There should be a ban on government officials conducting business on private stocks “and this” calls for tougher and clearer guards for government officials, increased fines, and updated restrictions to assist in the eradication of corruption, to hold perpetrators accountable and to build confidence that our government owns No, working in the public interest. Exxon’s statement did not mention any breach of its own stock law.

Axon is considered a top Republican target because the party wants to regain control of the House in 2022. His top Republican opponents include financial planner Nicole Hasso and State Senator and Air Force veteran Jack Nan.

Faced with the post-stock trade controversy, Cindy used taxpayer funds to hire Exxon Dam fixers to appear in the first Washington Free Beacon.

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