Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on a US base

On Saturday, multiple rockets hit a U.S. military base in Irbil, Iraq, the report said.

Videos from the scene immediately began circulating on social media to show multiple large explosions in the area.

U.S. officials confirmed the attack, but said there were no casualties. According to Axios, officials are now working with the Iraqi government and the Kurdish regional government.


Geography of a video showing the launch of a missile from Khasabad

– Samir (obretix) March 12, 2022

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack on the US embassy.
Reuters reports:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on Sunday issued a statement claiming responsibility for a missile attack on an Israeli “strategic center” in the northern Kurdish regional capital of Irbil, Iranian state media reported.

The statement added that “any repeated Israeli attack would be met with a harsh, decisive and devastating response.”

epa03878004 Iran’s Revolutionary Guards marched during the annual military parade marking the 1980 Iraqi invasion, which led to an eight-year war (1980-1988) in Tehran, Iran on September 22, 2013. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that Iran only wants to end the civil war in Syria to avoid renewed violence in the Middle East. EPA / Abedin Taherkenareh

The attack comes 10 days after Iran removed Joe Biden from the U.S. terrorist list and the Revolutionary Guards.

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