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(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The 2022 NFL Free Agency Bonanza has started and after an offseason where Colts GM Chris Ballard has agreed that more playmaker is needed for offense and work needs to be done for the defensive line, the Colts are on the sidelines.

After the official tampering period for the NFL opened at 12:00 ET on Monday, contract shocks were reported.

Washington pro-ball guard Brandon Sheriff wants to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to sources.

– Adam Shafter (AdamShafter) March 14, 2022

Source: The # Charger Ex-signature expected # Patriotic Star CB Jesse Jackson is a big money deal.

– Ian Reports (apRapSheet) March 14, 2022

Jaguar Cost Spy Today (So Far):

WR Christian Kirk: 4 years, $ 72M ($ 84M max)
LB Foye Olukon: 3-year, $ 45M
NT Foley Fatukasi: 3-year, $ 30M
G. Brandon Sheriff: TBD but of course a ton of money
TE Evan Engram: 1-year, 10M max

– Field Yates (Field Yates) March 14, 2022

Although Ballard’s philosophy of avoiding big costs in free agency is well-known by Colts fans, the high-end talent in the position of need has given them hope that this year will be different. A tweet from Jack Kifer of The Athletics provides a quick break from what many hope will be an exciting day.

Vibe I got: Despite some pressure this year, Colt’s free agent approach won’t change much. This doesn’t mean they won’t take a big swing at any time, but I understand that they will be patient and feel the market before they do.

– Zak Keefer (zkeefer) March 14, 2022

Even Colts Pro Bowl CB Kenny Moore has been seen getting impatient due to lack of movement from his team.

Tick ​​tick ..

– Kenny Moore II (@ KennyKennyMoe3) March 14, 2022

The 107.5 Fan was enough for JMV, the host of the afternoon, and explained why the Colts would have to take some action in free agency if they wanted the team to be a Super Bowl contender:

“Sometimes you just have to swing because you have nothing left. If not, you’re just going to bag next year. Do you have a rebuild bag next year? Don’t give me those same ole “chips” and the way Jim Irsa meant it can be debated but the fans took it this way … At some point you get out of your cap space, you stop saving all this winter The nuts are like stinking squirrels and bring some people who can help you. “

1 day of free agency is not what Colts fans imagined but there are still plenty of impact-free agents in positions like WR, LT, and DE, it’s time for Chris Ballard to become more active in acquiring talent.

To find out more about the 1st day of free agency and why the Colts were frustrated for JMV not being on the sweepstakes for WR Amari Cooper, listen to the podcast below or listen live at 107.5 every afternoon from 3-6 ET & 93.5 FAN!

The post first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC when the Colts took a swing at GM Chris Ballard’s free agency.

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