Jimmy Johnson Indy Car Traffic, Oval, will drive for the first time

On Wednesday, seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmy Johnson, 46, told the media that he was excited to start a new leg of his professional racing career at the XPEL 375 Texas Motor Speedway with Carvana this weekend and Chip Gansi Racing.

He calls it Racing-2.0.

When Johnson, a sort of soft-spoken California guy, embarks on his first race-Saturday 373-mile ride around the 1.5-mile oval in Texas, he will do something completely new that will give his competitor a brand new challenge to work around.

Johnson has completed a career, at NASCAR, and is starting from indie car; Johnson made the remarks at an NTT IndyCar press conference on Wednesday.

The Heart of a Champion – a little background

“How I got entangled in the wire and why I was born,” Johnson said. I’m starting a new game. I’m starting at Ground Zero and working my way up, ”Johnson said for the first episode of a series about his career change in 2021. Invent the wheel.

“I like to race,” Johnson said, telling the story of how he got into racing in the first place. Watch the first episode here:

2022 starts this weekend.

Although Johnson’s Texas Motor Speedway has several NASCAR records, including the most wins on the track (Seven), Top runner-up finish (five), first in top-five finish (16). He has managed the most laps in Texas with 1,152 – and when he drove the street course in an indie car in 2021, Johnson would be a cunning man in indie cars, moving around in an oval, fast in traffic.

And so he really plans to start his dream of a brand new race, his 2.0 career change, a massive prospect.

But first, he will have a rookie sticker

Laughing a bit about it, when asked if he should have a little yellow Rocky sticker on his car window, Johnson said, “Yeah I’m kind of annoyed about it,” he said, but you can hear the heart of a champion. Beat through humor.

“I’m finally here to win,” he said, reminding people that he’s tough enough to run and win.

Johnson does not get the level of competition by taking a low position.

Johnson has spoken to the press about his strategy. He plans to come out really fast and he is confident in his abilities.

“Ovals are a little easier to find in some cases, they come faster for me,” he said. “Just because the lap is small and 17 or something like that makes it easy to pick the rhythm of a track with four angles.” Johnson said.

Although some of his longtime NASCAR fans are a little wary of his track choices these days, Johnson remembers his fans but admits that he and his family are excited about the possibility of new tracks and new adventures in racing ahead.

“I like staying down the street at a hotel and walking hand in hand with my family over the crossover bridge and starting something new,” Johnson said, referring to some of the differences between NASCAR and Indy.

But some things also connect the two worlds – and that is the race.

“I’m chasing that white line, and I want to win,” Johnson said.

So this Race Weekend, Johnson will not only show his racecraft to fans and race crowds তিনি he’ll discover it for himself পাশাপাশি as well as we’ll be with him to discover the unknown; How Jimmy Johnson roams in indie car traffic, defeats all expectations placed on him by fans, is responsible to the crew, engineers, sponsors and team members and fulfills the dream of driving really fast and winning races.

Not everyone is kind about Johnson’s choice – he’s a race fan for you. A reporter asked him if he cared about his fans.

“I’m human,” Johnson said. “I don’t like negative feedback if it’s a fan of mine or hates about it. I’m human. I don’t care for that stuff. I certainly hope people can figure out where I am in life, what I’m trying to do. If it’s a young fan, maybe they’re not in their 40’s yet, have a career experience, waiting for a second career, something different. “

“But I can see that most of the people involved, including my partners, really mark the path and the journey I’m on, honored and happy to be a part of this journey and help tell the story and support the dream that I have to be an Indica racer. , ”He said.

Carvana says she is happy about their driver:

This NTT INDYCAR series car is a high-performance, adrenaline-boosting beast that answers only one man: Jimmy Johnson.

Here’s how you can catch a race – and join Johnson in his revealing story.

NBC Sports Race Broadcast: 12:30 pm (ET) Sunday, NBC (Live). Along with analysts Townsend Bell and James Hinchcliffe, Leigh Duffy is the play-by-play announcer for coverage of NBC’s NTT Indicar series. Marty Snyder and Kevin Lee Pete Reporter.

Pickup Premium Live Streaming: All NTT INDYCAR Series practice sessions and qualifications will be streamed live on NBC’s live-to-consumer live streaming product, Peacock Premium. .

INDYCAR Radio Network Broadcast: Mark Jens is the chief announcer with analyst Davy Hamilton and turn announcer Nick Yoman. The INDYCAR app, powered by SiriusXM 160, racecontrol.indycar.com and NTT Data

At-track schedule (all time local / central time):

Saturday, March 19th

9: 45-9: 55 am NTT INDYCAR Series Two-Phase Pit Speed ​​Limiter Practice

10-11am NTT INDYCAR Series Practice, Peacock Premium

1 pm Eligibility for NTT P1 Award (Single Car, Growing Time of Two Laps), Pickup Premium (Live)

4-5 pm NTT INDYCAR Series Final Practice, Peacock Premium

Sunday, March 20th

11:30 am NBC broadcast

11:40 am “Driver, start your engine”

11:45 am XPEL 375 (248 laps / 372 miles), NBC (live)

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