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One of the most striking aspects of the Democratic Party is its propensity for magical thinking. Indeed, when discussing their left-wing foreign policy, it makes more sense for one to translate the word “diplomacy” as “magic.” Democrats’ magical thinking is not as clear as their desire to negotiate a deal with Iran’s rulers over the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Appropriation” – oh,Joint Comprehensive Plan of ActionThe goal is to secure Iran’s nuclear program peacefully.

The four basic questions give the Democrats an example of magical foreign policy and its Something Similar to the P5 + 1 on Iran’s nuclear deal.

First, Iran claims that its nuclear program is peaceful, and that it has no intention of developing a nuclear weapon. So, why JCPOA is needed?

Hmmm … This is one of the hardest. After all, negotiations require trust between the parties, such as Iran and the P5 + 1 – the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the European Union, Communist China and Putin’s Russia. Trust is not the first quality that comes to mind when examining relationships between members of the negotiating team. (More on that, below.) And honesty is definitely not the power of Iranian rule.

Enter the Democrats’ magical thinking: Iran is only building a negotiating position, born out of years of defending itself against US provocations. If the agreement is signed, Iran will be safe and will be able to be honest in its diplomatic dealings.

True, they will be safe and free enough to continue to isolate themselves over what nuclear weapons they may or may not have, because a deal that would not include a thorough inspection of the regime’s nuclear facilities and program by Democrats’ shameless insanity. This will lead Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region to start pursuing their own nuclear weapons. And, our ally Israel will face the greatest threat to their survival from a murderous regime whose state goal is to destroy the Jewish state and its citizens.

Second, Iran is recognized as the world’s number one exporter of terrorism. It already feels safe enough to claim “Death to America”! And “Death of Israel!”; Throwing missiles at American troops; Threats to assassinate American leaders, etc. Why does lifting sanctions on these terrorist regimes further facilitate terrorism and fuel their search for nuclear weapons (which, given the existence of the nuclear deal, is considered a P5 + 1 goal)? This is a particularly pertinent consideration because the nuclear deal does not address Iran’s terrorist exports and long-range missile capabilities.

Here, Democrats’ magical thinking is further suppressed: if you oppose Iran’s nuclear deal, you support war with Iran. Performed by the first Mayanist Ben Rhodes, the strategy here is – Voila – turn legitimate concerns about the Iran deal and / or opposition into war; To turn the heinous Iranian regime into a victim of imperialism by exporting terrorism and throwing missiles at the people; And show Neville Chamberlain as a hard-nosed realist.

Third, as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, why would Communist China and Putin’s Russia discuss in good faith to limit the powers of their observer members and their ally Iran’s ability to distress their shared enemies? In fact, since communist China has declared a limitless war on hegemony – the United States – and Putin’s Russia is hell-bent on restructuring, these neo-imperialist countries want to secretly help Iran build a nuclear weapon. It is further argued that they are playing with their American and European P5 + 1 partners to help Iran break free from sanctions, which will greatly strengthen the power of their bloodthirsty allies to subjugate the Iranian people in the country and kill and maim innocents abroad. Not in China or Russia.

Democrats avoid it in the death-criminal record of witchcraft: Xi Jinping, who is massacring the Uyghurs, and Vladimir Putin, who is killing the Ukrainians. And can be relied upon to assist in the implementation and monitoring of the nuclear deal; And show respect for future sanctions that could arise for any breach against Iran.

Finally, assuming that the Democrats are confused (and they are), other “P5 + 1” members, the European Union, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, what is the explanation for the complexity of the Iran nuclear deal?

In their frenzy, Europe is pursuing their leftist (by American political calculus) “brief” diplomacy that has represented humanity in the last century with two world wars, the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, fascism and communism. Why? Because over the centuries Europe has become accustomed to having its messes cleaned by the United States. With a democratic administration in the United States, Europeans will lose the smog satisfaction of pretending to be intellectually and morally superior to their former Republican counterparts; But the Europeans will gain the power to spread the blame when the JCPOA deception goes the way of the Munich Agreement. Oh, and the corporate titans of these countries trading with Iran have a bootload of money.

For their own various reasons, they are foolish or deceitful, to satisfy the hateful Iranian regime from the greedy lust of Democrats and their P5 + 1 comrades, this is where their bag of magical thoughts has become a pillow in your head. As they take you on a ninety mile one hour ride (in an electric car) to a dead-end road ending at the edge of a real defeat razor.

And, in this latest reboot of “Peace in Our Time,” once these destabilizing pollutants plunge the world into a nuclear current, the Democrats’ magical thinking cannot be thrown into the abyss.

As he described himself: the product of a misspent youth, Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (MC, retired) is a guitarist, writer, occasional radio co-host, and restorative politician. He is a former U.S. Congressman from Michigan who represented the state’s 11th congressional district from 2003-2012.

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