Judge Piro said Orange Harris should not be allowed to leave the United States “if he is going

(New York, New York) – Judge Jenin Piro called on Vice President Kamala Harris for her horrific behavior on the world stage. Kamala can never get up on the occasion of throwing a word salad in a friendly interview and blabbering on like crazy at the wrong time.

Kamala acts like a light walk through a cocktail party that is unconscious to everyone because she is a well-connected inner person. He knows the right people and that’s important.

Kamala’s criticism is that she rose to the top because of friends at the top, not through skill or willpower. This may be unfair but it is true for many men who eventually shrink when the bright light shines on them too. You never know if you’ll be able to handle it unless you’re in it.

Judge Piro said:

“I want to tell you that the purpose he serves as an insurance policy is to ensure that Joe Biden stays there.

“The idea that a woman, the highest ranking woman in the United States, went to Poland to stand with the President of Poland and that the United States is willing to help the refugees is not ready for question.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“And I’m telling sick and tired people it’s about color.

“I want to tell you something about Candy Rice, no one questioned her eligibility,

“No one questions the qualifications of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“This woman should be questioned.

“Every time he comes on the world stage, he embarrasses himself.

“Anyway, doesn’t he know about the refugees? I mean, isn’t he a border tsar?”

“And it’s a continuous, uninterrupted picture that we see about him, and if he’s embarrassed for this country, he shouldn’t be allowed to leave the United States.”

Judge Jenain Orange Harris ’embarrassing’ on world stage https://t.co/HE4LTH70tU

– নseanhannity March 12, 2022

Jane, are you so stuck in your Ivory Tower that you have no idea what Americans really care about and what they care about? # Fox News pic.twitter.com/MiGiqdbCGn

– াইন জিন জিন জিন February 1, 2022

Judge Piro said Harris should not be allowed to leave the United States “if he is going to be embarrassed for this country”.

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