Judge throws out insulting Maryland Democrat Gerimandard congressional map –

Graphic courtesy of Judicial Watch

A Maryland judge on Friday threw out insulting Democrat gerrymandered congressional maps of the state.

“Restrictions on the unwanted expansion of power by any branch of government must be exercised to ensure that the will of the people is heard, regardless of who is in power under any political placard,” said Judge Arundel County Sarkit, a senior judge working in Anne. , Wrote his opinion, according to Politico. “The 2021 congressional plan is unconstitutional, and undermines the will of those in power.”

The outrageous congressional map was approved after Democrat-controlled Maryland legislature ignored a veto by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

“The new districts – which were pulled by the Democratic-dominated legislature and vetoed by Republican Governor Larry Hogan – could result in an 8-0 gap for Democrats in the state in the blue-leaning years. The state’s seven districts are strongly democratic, while Maryland’s only Republican-occupied district, the Eastern Shore seat, now held by GOP Republican Andy Harris, was transformed from a Republican vote pool into a hypercompetitive district. President Joe Biden carried a new version less than one percentage point in 2020. Politico said.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which has filed a lawsuit against 12 registered Maryland voters who objected to the insulting map, celebrated their big win on Friday.

Judicial Watch announced today that Ann Arundel County Circuit Court has ruled in favor of Judicial Watch’s challenge to Maryland’s congressional redistricting plan. In its ruling, the court permanently banned the use of the current Maryland plan.

Judicial Watch has filed lawsuits against 12 registered Maryland voters who objected to Maryland’s 2021 congressional restructuring plan, saying it was a biased gerimander that undermined the right of the U.S. Congress to participate in free, fair elections on an equal basis with others. Voters in Maryland violate the Maryland Constitution (Parrott et al. V Lamone et al. (No. C-02-CV-21-001773)). The trial also included a plaintiff in a separate case.

After conducting a trial in Annapolis last week, the Ann Arundel County Circuit Court today ruled:

Regarding Article 7 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights, the plaintiffs, based on the evidence added to the trial, proved that the 2021 plan was made “biased as the main intention, excluding traditional redistribution criteria” ক্ষমতা power by the party to suppress the voice of Republican voters. For. Rights for all [to] Political participation in congressional elections violates 2021 plan.


As a result, this court will enter into a declarative judgment in favor of the plaintiffs, declaring the 2021 plan unconstitutional and permanently ordering its activities, and giving the General Assembly the opportunity to draw up a new congressional plan that is constitutional. A separate judgment will be entered as of today

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said: “The victory of this original court against defamatory bias by Democrats in Maryland could set a national precedent.”

Huge Judicialwatch Victory: Court throws insulting Democratic germander at Maryland – designed to “silence Republican voters” (Photo with Rob Popper, Chief Electoral Counsel for Judicial Watch.) Https://t.co/bwXDOHVEHx pic.twitter.com/XNiWDGhLyD

– Tom Fitton (ম Tom Fitton) March 25, 2022

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