Kamala Harris has revealed that she has no idea what is happening

(Indianapolis, In) – When you think the bar can’t be lowered for Biden’s embarrassing reign, Vice President Kamala Harris pops up and says ‘grab my beer.’

This week, Biden’s second-in-command was sent to Eastern Europe to show that the United States was taking the situation in Ukraine seriously.

Unfortunately for Kamala, the trip was an uninterrupted catastrophe, and she made herself look so bad that the former Ukrainian press secretary made it clear that “it would be a tragedy” if Harris ascended to the presidency.

Former Ukrainian presidential press secretary says it would be “a tragedy” for Harris to become president.

If his job is to humiliate the United States on the world stage, then the mission is done.

Now that he is back in the state, the wreckage of the orange Harris train in front of the camera can be guessed.

Harris addressed the General Assembly of the Democratic National Convention on Saturday, believing that Ukraine had already joined NATO, and pledged US support for maintaining the country’s membership in the alliance.

From Harris:

So, I will say what we all know, and I will say again and again that the United States stands firmly with the people of Ukraine in the defense of the NATO alliance. “

Clearly, he has no idea what is happening, although he has only traveled to the conflict zone and met with officials involved. On top of that, Western pressure on Ukraine to join NATO was a catalyst for Putin’s invasion, so it is even more unforgivable for him not to know the situation.

Why do they still put this woman on stage? At the moment it is being cruel.

Let’s see:

Orange thinks Ukraine is part of NATO.
Just when you think you know how incompetent he is, he lowers the bar even more. pic.twitter.com/52XCAXwFv2

– Brick Suite (Brick_Suit) March 12, 2022

Post Orange Harris reveals that he has no idea what is happening in Europe, the first The Gateway pundit to pledge US support for defending the non-existent NATO alliance (video) in Ukraine.

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