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The following article, Flashback: Ketanji Brown sentenced Jackson to The Pizzate Gunman, first published in Big League Politics.

Is it a coincidence and nothing more? Biden’s latest Radical Scout nominee, Kentanzi Brown Jackson, appears to have a history that goes beyond just providing exceptional short sentences for child pornographers that fall below the federal minimum.

As some already know, Jackson previously served as a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. This is when Jackson confronts what some consider to be a major political event; District court judge Pizagate oversaw the gunman’s case that the comet entered the Washington, D.C. restaurant, Ping Pong, before the AR-15 was fired. The gunman said the restaurant was inspired by allegations that it hosted bad actors involved in human trafficking.

Following the gunman’s sentencing, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for DC issued a statement stating that it had “disarmed” employees and customers at a Northwest Washington pizza restaurant with a loaded AR-15 assault rifle and a revolver, and his assailant at a door. The rifle fires. “

Judge Jackson described the defendant’s “level of recklessness” as “suffocating” because he had convicted Welch at the time, ABC News reported.

“People are not allowed to take matters into their own hands, no matter how well-intentioned they may be,” he said.

The story’s notoriety due to Jackson’s ongoing confirmation process has caught the attention of some conservative commentators with its relevance, most notably Steven Cradder. Crowder discusses these results in a recent episode of his show:

“The same judge who sentenced the Pizagate shooter, if you forget it. So another interesting thing – it’s the best qualification for Brown Jackson, “Crowder said of Jackson.

“For all the hubbub about Pizagate, you know, you’d think it was a huge shooting,” Crowder said during his show. “But he only shot in a closet with a computer inside. Whatever it is, why would you need a toilet with a computer inside a pizza parlor? ”

The gunman’s defense attorney, Dani Jahan, passionately appealed for a lenient sentence for his client, arguing that 18 months would be enough for a sufficient sentence.

“He is very sorry and sincere and this is significant,” he added.

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