Left-wing Brazil Supreme Court blocks Telegram Messenger in oppressive move – Indie

(Brazil) – Brazil Supreme Court directs nationwide blocking of messaging app #Telegram (h / t Disclosure TV)

The development is clearly an attempt to block the re-election of popular Brazilian leader Zaire Bolsonaro.

Commies gonna Commie …

Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Alexandre de Mores today (18) decided to block telegrams in Brazil. The measure responds to a request from federal police for a failure to comply with a court order. According to G1, the National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL) is complying with the order. At the time of publication of this article, the company is already informing companies to take steps to make it impossible to use telegrams. Those who disobey the decision will be fined a daily R $ 100,000.

The Federal Police (PF) has tried to contact Telegram so that they can forward court orders to block profiles, request registration data and suspend the monetization of accounts linked to profiles used to spread false information and hate speech. The company never responded. As a result, the federal police requested STF to block the platform, saying that the application was “an open field for the dissemination of various content, including responses to criminal areas” because it is “notorious for its position of non-cooperation. With judicial authorities and police.” (Translation)

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