Leftists five-time MLB all-star Manny Machado rocking “Let’s go

MLB superstar Manny Machado has received a lot of attention recently after donning a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt to spring training in Arizona.

After his bold speech, the San Diego Padres became the third baseman and Dominican American went viral and received tremendous support.

I still hate Manny Machado https://t.co/NkjnqbK5vR

– to Luke Stein (@ trickyluke88) March 25, 2022

My new favorite player! https://t.co/umgTWUxazq

– Dave Stastny (stastny_dave) March 25, 2022

Manny Machado …

Such an inspiration and an athlete I can get behind. https://t.co/QgeMe8NtLc

– (awSawyersGhost) March 25, 2022

He also provoked the leftists as usual. The awakened leftists want to keep politics out of the sport unless it agrees with their agenda.

The extreme, right-wing politics of this Padres locker room is going to be a big kind of shutdown. https://t.co/VcnUcEpeZr

– Pit in Point Loma (ilWillieOReeFan) March 25, 2022

What happened to the Republican approach to “let’s keep politics out of sports”? Https://t.co/PzjQDlJyBQ

– (isaiahs_josue) March 25, 2022

Machado, a potential Hall of Fame player, is likely to be punished for wearing the shirt by the awakened MLB and the fake news media.

What a pity,

Manny Machado Cooperstown’s first ballot was guaranteed by the Hall of Famer, and now hateful Communist baseball writers will one day punish him for wearing the Let’s Go Brandon shirt.

I stand with Manny, he will always be the Hall of Famer in my book! pic.twitter.com/D0vGdhoO2h

– Nick Adams (ickNickAdamsinUSA) March 23, 2022

Machado is starting his eleventh season at the Majors with five All-Star appearances under his belt.

Stand with Manny.

In this post: Leftists first appeared at The Gateway Pundit in the five-time MLB All-Star Manny Machado rocking “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt Padres Spring Training.

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