Liberal cities are finally clearing homeless camps – before midterm elections –

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – Liberalism has created homeless camps in blue cities across the country.

As the midterm elections approached, they finally began to clear them.

Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and New York City have all begun taking steps to clean up the homeless camps and try to fix the problem.

The LA Times reports:

Temporary shelters along busy streets, tents on the sidewalk of the city line, broken-down cars covered with tarps, and sleeping bags stuck in the front door of the store. The reality of the homeless crisis in Oregon’s largest city cannot be denied.


In Seattle, the new mayor, Bruce Harrell, ran on a platform that called for action against the camps, focusing on the most visible tent cities in his office for the first few months. Across City Hall, tents and belongings worth two blocks were removed Wednesday. The clearing marked the end of a 28-week standoff between the mayor and camp occupying staff, working shifts to prevent the homeless from moving.

In Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bousser launched a pilot program this summer to permanently clean up several homeless camps. In December, the initiative faced a critical test as lawmakers voted on a bill that would ban clearing until April. It failed 5-7.

In December, a homeless man set fire to the Fox News Christmas tree in New York City.

Fox News Christmas tree arsonist Craig Tamanaha may return late Thursday – Homeless man sets tree on fire with lighter

One lawsuit alleges that the homelessness problem in San Francisco has become so bad that roads are now “unhealthy, unsafe and inaccessible.”

Homeless tents have increased by 300% in San Francisco’s Tenderline district, with roads ‘unhealthy, unsafe, inaccessible,’ the lawsuit said.

Why did it take so long to clean these?

For anti-media bias, check out!

Post-liberal cities are finally clearing homeless camps – first appearing at The Gateway Pond before the midterm elections.

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