March Media Insanity: NCAA Turner schools judge LGBT-friendliness.

We arrive at March Media Madness, when left-wing media orthodoxy is judged by all the anger and how friendly the universities are to LGBT causes.

You may recall that last year USA Today drew the wrath of conservatives that Oral Roberts University was banned from the tournament by the NCAA because its students’ handbook required Christian moral conduct. In 2019, the Deadspin blog prayed that Liberty University would lose the NCAA Tournament.

This week, the Outsports blog lists some connections to LGBTQ news for each school in Big Dance. Some of Cyd Zeigler’s entries are sadly trivial, others are very bad.

For starters, the 10th pick in the Southern Territory, Loyola-Chicago is docked for its policy of allowing only Catholic couples to marry directly in the school chapel.

Another Catholic institution, Providence College, “has fitted and launched a series in an effort to improve the voice of LGBTQ in various aspects of acceptance,” Zeigler said. It stems from the dismissal of Wayne State University philosopher John Corvino in 2013, who planned to give a lecture on marital equality. Providence excluded it because it would deny the basic principles of the college.

Duke took a hit because, 13 years ago, a writer said, “Duke men’s basketball players seem to have more homophobia than most.”

Davidson also received a whistle for a technical foul because, in 2020, a student named Mandy Muse said her gay experience was “silent” there.

Tennessee? It has been zipped to defend the LGBTQ Student Center Alumni later fund it.

Women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey has taken shellac from Baylor Outsports because she is homophobic. Another Red State school, Texas Tech, former women’s head basketball coach Marlene Stallings, who is suing LGBTQ.

Ed Argeron is no longer a football coach at LSU, but the Tigers were slapped because their former coach behaved “like a homophobic jerk.”

Those schools are on the naughty list. Outsports seem to be digging up some dust, age-old files to come up with its beautiful list.

Although a Spokane, Wash., Catholic bishop objected, Gonzaga launched the Lincoln LGBTQ + Rights Clinic in 2020, run by the university’s School of Law and Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Arkansas has created a circle of winners because KC Cross is a curious, binary person working in the Department of Athletics at the University of Arkansas. He is changing hearts and minds there.

There are several gay cheerleaders in the state of Michigan. A member of the Alabama rowing team has come out as gay. He had previously been the gay president of a men’s club volleyball team in Boise State.

In 2016, the Vermont women’s basketball team canceled its game in North Carolina because the state had previously passed a “bathroom bill.”

The state of Iowa may have Tina Hillman at the top of them all, a national champion shot putter – a “pansexual.”

It’s not a complete list of outsports, but these are schools with great LGBTQ records and some who need work, Zeigler said. This is a normal march Media The season of madness

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