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(New York, New York) – Joe Biden’s economy has collapsed. Inflation rose to a 40-year high of 7.9% in February.

Breaking: February’s inflation rate was 7.9% – 40-year high – 1.4% when Biden came into office (video)

Now, there are concerns that Biden’s inflation problems could be worse than the way the government is leaving.

This is due to the “contraction”.

“Shrinkage” is when manufacturers pay you less for the product or even less after paying the same amount.

Here is an example of money:

– The amount of Cheerios you get has dropped from 19.3oz to 18.1oz.

– You get 18 less sheets of “Bounty Triple” paper towel.

A Doritos bag has shrunk – Americans now get 5 less chips per bag.

That wasn’t all. Tucker further noted that the government is no longer tracking it consistently – although they are supposed to.

Partial Duplicate:

“The government’s CPI is supposed to track contractions as part of the Consumer Price Index but is not doing so consistently. It’s kind of weird. I wonder why?” Maybe that’s why you don’t know the scale of what’s happening. “


Explains the contraction of money. The government is supposed to track it but they are not doing it consistently.

It’s almost as good as one Cortesstive Chuck talk pic.twitter.com/yp41BNXa9K

– The Dirty Truth (Josh) (KAKA_RealDirty) March 12, 2022

Are they pulling another strategy?

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