McCarthy explains why he did not expel Cheney from the Republican conference

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced this week that Wyoming GOP Republican Liz Cheney and Republican Illinois Republican Adam Kinsinger will not attend the GOP’s annual retreat.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, McCarthy said he believes Republicans have the best way to move forward by supporting rival candidates against their seats.

Cheney has voted in his GOP primary rival election and Kinzinger is not seeking re-election.

“Your convention does not determine whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. You get to determine it. And that’s the way to go about exactly what I’m doing. I support Harriet in Wyoming. You’re going to see an event for Harriet next week. No one knows. There are more than 100 members who are co-sponsoring, “McCarthy said.

“One of the reasons why Liz is not working for Wyoming. He is not on natural resources. He left that. This is the number one committee for Wyoming, you know, and the voters will decide if you come to Congress. We can decide whether you will be in the lead or not. Liz Cheney was not playing the role of conference chair. That is why he has been removed. He does not come to the conference. Adam is no longer running. We do not agree with them, “he added.

“You want to defeat them in their election. Adam is no longer running. Liz I can’t believe she’s focusing on Wyoming. I don’t know of any other leader who has supported such a process before and I think you will solve the problem there, “McCarthy continued.

First House Republicans have ousted Cheney from the leadership, and now they are trying to oust him altogether from Congress. Kevin McCarthy Hegman is leading the fundraising and is being held at the home of longtime McCarthy collaborator Jeff Miller

– Alex Eisenstadt (olpoliticoalex) March 23, 2022

Recent polls suggest Trump-backed Harriet Hagman vs. Cheney is often underwater in the Wyoming GOP primary.

Cheney is 18-points behind Hegemann, according to a SoCo strategy survey conducted to measure the impact of Trump approval.

A new poll by Republican voters found that Hegemann, a GOP activist, and Cheyenne’s attorney for land and water rights, led Cheney, 38% -18%. State Representative Anthony Bouchard 12% and 26% indecisive.

Independent polls – not conducted for Cheney or Hegman – included a handful of other state results that show Trump support could be a game-changer.

“Only the 2022 Wyoming House Race Polls were conducted before Trump backed Harriet Hegman so that they are not consistent with the current situation, but they give a glimpse of the amount of disillusionment of the Wyoming Republicans with our Liz Cheney. The poll does not exceed 23%, which is already a problem for an incumbent with statewide name recognition, ”Crowds Wisdom reports.

In a September statement, Trump said he supported Hagman, whom he described as a “savior and unfaithful Republican” fighting against Cheney.

“Harriet Wyming’s fourth-generation daughter, a highly successful attorney, and a truly great U.S. senator, has the support and respect of Cynthia Lumis, Wyoming’s own,” Trump continued.

“Harriet Hagman loves the Great State of Wyoming, is strong on crime and borders, strongly supports the Second Amendment, loves our military and our veterinarians, and will fight for electoral integrity and independence of power (which [President Joe] Biden has already given up, ”he added.

“Unlike Rhino Liz Cheney, Harriet favors America First. Harriet has my full and complete approval to replace Liz Cheney, the number one contributor to the Democrat word bite. Make America Great Again! “Former President Concludes.

Post McCarthy explains why he didn’t expel Cheney from the Republican conference in the first Conservative briefing.

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