Microsoft Legal Docs Shows Biden DOJ ‘VERITAS’ Spying On Journalists … – Indy News

The raids sparked controversy in some quarters because Project Veritas identified itself as a news organization and the use of investigative warrants against journalists and news outlets is rare due to judicial policy and a federal law passed in 1980 to limit such investigative measures.
Following the raid, U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres agreed to the group’s request to appoint a special master to review the information on the seized device to ensure prosecutors do not have access to emails, text messages and other records. The attorney-client must be subject to privileges or other legal protections.
However, in a letter Tuesday to a federal judge overseeing aspects of the investigation, Project Veritas attorneys said they recently learned that prosecutors had used the gag order to silence other steps taken in the diary investigation for nearly a year before last November’s raid, including grand jury subpoenas and 2020. All emails kept in the special accounts of O’Keefe and several colleagues within three months have been seized by a court order.
Prosecutors have received a warrant for the confiscation of all emails from an anonymous person’s account.

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