Mitch McConnell is trying to get Biden to be a Supreme Court judge

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is trying to block any challenge to a disaster nominated by Supreme Court Justice Biden. What turned out to be a nightmare McConnell.

Terry Schilling was in the War Room on Friday and he discussed Biden’s gruesome record of selection for the country’s top court. Judge Katanji Brown Jackson has been flexible towards child sex offenders. In one instance he gave a convicted offender three months while the minimum proposed sentence was ten years. His time in court is minimal, yet everyone knows he will be the most violent and anti-American justice in US history.

Senator Josh Howley has done some research and unveiled the grim record of radical judges.

“Toxic … Misinformation … Cherry-Picked”: White House Radical Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown defends Jackson after Sen Howley reveals his disrespectful child porn ruling record

Shilling shared:

What is happening now is starting to boil over. And we hear and I now get it from two different sources that the Republican leadership, including McConnell’s office, is pressuring Republicans not to bring these things. They want to escape through this nomination, not fight.

Steve, these guys, the Democrats have been so bad at our good nominees. See what they did to Clarence Thomas. See what they did with Brett Kavanagh.

… We do not yet have a record of his full punishment.

Post Mitch McConnell Trying to Pick Biden for Supreme Court Judgment through Senate Despite Terrific Flexibility with Pedophiles – Terry Schilling (Video) first appeared in The Gateway Pond in War Room.

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