Mitch McConnell Madison Catherine, Marjorie Taylor Green ‘Lonely’

Leave it to Senate Minority Leader and Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell to swipe into his own party.

This time, pro-Ukrainian bandwagon swept Republican delegates, such as Senator Madison Catherine and Marjorie Taylor Green, for not being fully onboard.

He expressed hope that Ukraine could win its war with Russia and expressed support for continuing financial assistance to the nation.

“President Biden is going to Europe this week to meet with NATO allies. You, along with the rest of Congress, helped give him about বিল 13 billion in emergency aid. What do you expect the President to give this week? Organizer Margaret Brennan said.

“Well, we gave him a lot of money. I think he needs to improve his game. He usually does the right thing, but never soon. I mean, let’s take a look at what happened here. The Ukrainians have killed more Russians in three weeks than we have lost in Afghanistan and Iraq in 20 years. I think we have to go in the belief that the Ukrainians can actually win. And the way they have won is to get our defensive weapons to them as soon as possible. For example, I was confused as to why we could not bring Polish Russian MiGs into the country. Now, Ukrainians have a lot of pilots who know how to fly them, “said the senator.

Brennan noted that “there’s not a lot of policy difference, really, any other – I mean, you agree with the president that there shouldn’t be a no-fly zone. There are dozens of MiG fighter jets, but I hear a lot of policy differences from Republicans. No, ‘he said.

“In your view, does the 13 13 billion you approve of the fall of the government ensure funding for the Ukrainian uprising?” How long will this money last? ” Host Dr.

“Well, if they need more, we should give them more. See, this is a way to enforce a no-fly zone, these weapons systems allow ground-to-air weapon systems to control their air, shoot down aircraft and fight others who want to control the air. . If the United States does not have a no-fly zone, we have our own pilots. So, I think weapon systems are available. Look, I think we need to change our perspective here. Ukrainians can actually win this thing, “he said,” and that’s it – we have to have the attitude that we’re here to help them win. “

At the time, Brennan took the opportunity to point out other Republicans who were not pro-Ukrainian enough for the media.

“You are very clear in your language there, but not others in your group. Congresswoman Liz Cheney says the Republican Party now has a Putin branch. Think he’s talking about Congressman Catherine, who called Zelensky a thug? Marjorie Taylor Green says the United States should not finance a war that Ukrainians cannot win. Is there a place for this speech in the Republican Party and why is there no more discipline? He said.

The Senate minority leader called those Republicans “lone voices.”

“Okay, there are some lone voices that are elsewhere, but looking at the Senate Republicans, I can tell you that if I were the majority leader, I would make this Ukraine a complement myself. I think virtually every member of me voted for it. The vast majority of the Republican Party, both in Congress and across the country, are completely behind the Ukrainians and are urging the President to speed up these steps. Yes, be brave. So, there may be a few solitary voices from the side. I don’t pay much attention to them, “he said.

The post Mitch McConnell Madison Catherine, Marjorie Taylor Green as Shreds First Conservative Short as ‘Lonely Voice’.

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