Moderna has approved CEO 900 million + Golden Parachute for CEO after leaving the company

Two things are certain with the epidemic – one, some people are dying; And two, some people are going to make a lot of cash.

Along with Pfizer-BioNTech, US-based vaccine maker Moderna Inc. The biggest beneficiaries since the release of the Fawcett-funded Chinavirus from Wuhan Labs in early 2020. In the last two years, the company has gone through an unimaginable change from before the epidemic hit, posting revenue of more than ,000 12,000,000,000 ($ 12B) in 2021 after losing 74 747 million in 2020.

The most surprising thing about the change of fortune is that the entire revenue of Moderna is solely responsible for the commercially available product: the experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccine sales are expected to top last year’s numbers, and the company has decided to reward its chief executive, CEO Stephanie Bansell, with a huge ‘change-in-control’ package that will pay her over $ 900 million if the company is sold or merged. In the process he loses his job.

The ‘Golden Parachute’ was approved by the Massachusetts-based vaccine manufacturer’s board at the end of 2021. It will pay Bansel, which already owns more than 3 4.3 billion in assets, totaling $ 926,000,000. All in all, the new package will be about 1,000% above (975%) before the $ 9.6 million separation agreement was agreed.

However, Bansel’s total payout is volatile because it will be paid in the form of most stock options, according to the Daily Mail:

“Most of Bansel’s sky-high parachutes are linked to modern stocks, but share prices have risen and fallen during the epidemic, making it difficult to determine when Bansel will cash in on them.

Moderna shares hit a record high of $ 497.49 each on August 10, 2021, before falling to $ 253.98 by December 31st. On Thursday, a share price was $ 139.52. “

The Golden Parachute is the last cash cow on the way to Bansel since the outbreak. In 2021 alone, Bansel earned more than .2 18.2 million for his role as Moderna’s CEO after combining his $ 990,385 salary, $ 15 million stock and $ 1.5 million bonus, according to CNBC.

But, not only that. Moderna’s other top executives are also cashing out along with Bansel.

In 2021, President Stephen Hodge cashed out 165.9 million stock options on top of his salary and bonus, up from a total of 7.8 million last year.

Moderna’s chief technical officer, Juan Andres, is also making flour, selling $ 194.3 million in stock and earning $ 6.6 million from the company in 2021.

All in all, the three top executives have unloaded millions of dollars from modern stock over the past year because they want to capitalize on it before the end of the crisis. Following the stock’s high of 7 497.49 last summer, it is currently hovering around where it sits at $ 139.52 per share, so time is of the essence for their fire sale.

The post Moderna Approves $ 900 Million + Golden Parachute for CEO The company first appeared in The Gateway Pundit through its Covid Jab to raise কোম্প 12.2 billion in 2021 from $ 747 million losses in 2020.

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