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Biden, Democrats and the media have leaned back, trying to blame everyone and everything for inflation.

They have basically blamed everyone except Biden and Democrat policy.

The good news is they’re not fooling anyone. People are not stupid and know what is causing this problem.

According to a new poll by Rasmussen, most voters blame Biden.

John Nolte writes in the Britbert News:

Note: Gaslight failure blames Biden’s policy for 64% inflation

According to Rasmussen’s latest poll, 64 percent of potential voters blame his fraudulent policy on Joe Biden’s policies for blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the skyrocketing inflation in the United States.

When asked, “Did the policies of President Joe Biden’s administration increase or decrease inflation?” About two-thirds, 64 percent, said “increased”, while only eight percent said “decreased” – which makes you wonder who those people are.

Even the majority of Democrats do not fall for Putin’s conspiracy. A full 42 percent of Democrats say Biden’s policy has pushed up inflation. The same is true of independents (74 percent) and Republicans (6 percent).

Black voters have also avoided gaslight, with a 50 percent majority saying Biden’s policy has pushed up inflation.

Rasmussen further asked, “How important will the issue of inflation be in this year’s congressional elections?” More than two-thirds, 67 percent, said it would be “very important”, while another 20 percent said it would be “somewhat important.”

Only ten percent say “not very much” (nine percent) or “not at all” (one percent) is important.

The majority of black voters (56 percent) say “very important, such as 53 percent Democrats and 66 percent independents.

These numbers should turn off the alarm bell at the White House.

Voters with an annual income of $ 200,000 or more are less likely to blame Biden for the rise in inflation, and less likely to say that inflation will be a major issue in the midterm elections. Bidenflation Potash

– Rasmussen Report (@rasmusen_pol) March 21, 2022

Biden owns it and people know it.

That’s bad news for Democrats in November.

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Poll Post: Majority Voters Blame Joe Biden’s Policy for Inflation in The Gateway Pondy First

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