MSNBC Analyst: Prosecutor Orange ‘Put his finger on Putin’s chest’

The only people Kamala Harris has been threatening lately are members of her own staff.

But an MSNBC analyst this morning tried to portray Harris as a tough prosecutor who intimidated Russian dictator Vladimir Putin with his remarks in Poland earlier this week.

Appeared on Cross connection Organized by Tiffany Cross on Saturday, MSNBC analyst Erin Haynes says:

“Still another piece His life experience That he really brought in this role as vice president in this moment of crisis and that is his role As prosecutorRight? This Someone who is used to accepting bad people To survive. And so, Its really Vladimir put his finger on Putin’s chest And it says there will be consequences. “

Associate panelist Nola Haynes, a PaperDine professor, gave mixed opinions on Harris’ performance. On the one hand, he described Harris as “strong” and “strong” and gave the right message to Putin. But on the other hand, when the cross asked Putin to know Received In that message, Haynes says:

“I’m going to be blunt here. So Putin is a sexist Probably not. On top of that, there are race elements. So taken together, Intersection About his race and gender, He’s probably blown away by what he says. ”

Cross himself revealed a large chip he was apparently carrying on his shoulder, saying:

“Three women [Cross and her two guests] You see on this screen being familiar with being underestimated by our opponents One or two times. “

Erin Haynes Tiffany Cross Nola Haynes MSNBC The Cross Link 3-12-22When it comes to Harris’ trip to Europe, When asked about the refugee crisis, the panel did not utter a word about Harris’s response to the laughter. Orange’s remarks angered many Ukrainians, including a former spokesman for President Zelensky, who tweeted that It would be a “tragedy” if Harris ever became president.

And naturally, the department was a wake-up call. Erin Haynes speaks “Living experience” Three times, and worked on “Nola Haynes.”Intersection

On Tiffany Cross’s MSNBC show, MSNBC analyst Erin Haynes described Kamala Harris, her comments in Europe, pointing her finger at Putin’s chest, sponsored by Google, Volvo, Sling, Panera, Dove, and the creators of GlaxoSmithKline, Parodontax. .

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MSNBC’s The Cross Connection
10:39 am ET

Tiffany Cross: Nola, I want to bring you into the conversation because you are an expert on Eastern Bloc politics. Do you think the Vice President gave the right message on that platform? Not just to our NATO allies, but also to our enemies?

Nola Haynes: I think so. Going back and seeing the transcript between him and the Polish president, I think the promises were very clear. I think so He was strong, he was strong. And let’s not forget. This senate lady who moved the senators, you know? Who was shaking the bill bar. For example, this woman is very capable, and reading some of these think pieces gives birth to her baby in the same way, saying, is she ready for it? Can he do it? Of course he’s up for it. Of course he can do it.

. . .

Cross: And I think The three women you see on this screen must be familiar with being underestimated once or twice by our opponents. So of course, I think it was great for people to see him on the world stage right now.

Erin, you and I talked a little bit about this. I did not lose sight of what he said in Poland because some people on the Polish border were not welcoming people of African and South Asian descent. The vice president himself is of African and South Asian descent. He did not address it in his comments. And we don’t know if he addressed it personally. But I’m just curious, your thoughts on the embarrassment of that situation. Where to look for him, you know, there is documented evidence of widespread white supremacy in Poland. Interested to know your opinion there.

HAINES: Well, sure. Racism certainly does not break during conflict. I mean, if anything, it’s absolutely present at that point.

I want to go back to a point that Nola was making which I think is really important to point out at the moment. And that’s still another piece of it Survival experience That he really took on this role as vice president in this moment of crisis, and that is it His role as prosecutorRight?

This is anyone Accustomed to accepting bad people for a living. And so, its really Vladimir put his finger on Putin’s chest And saying that it will have consequences.

. .

With him Survival experience As one, you know, his South Asian heritage and his black heritage, you know, we don’t know if the conversation might be that we’re not secretive around this issue, but of course, he’s the one who always wonders who’s not in the room, who’s at the table. People who help me and know his leadership style have told me about no and who can be affected in any situation.

And so, the idea is that maybe he came up with something Survival experience To endure raising such issues, even if it was in a private environment, I would certainly be interested to know.

. . .

Cross: But Do you think that Putin accepted that message well? Yourself?

Haynes: Well, you know, I’m going to be blunt here. You know Putin is a sexist, So probably not. And on top of that, you know, there’s race material. So taken together, Intersection About her race and her gender, He probably dismissed what he had to say.

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