MSNBC quickly deleted clips of the former ambassador and Rachel Maddo guest calling

(New York, New York) – After receiving a swift and immediate response, MSNBC quickly deleted a video clip in which a guest made an inappropriate comparison between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler.

In an appearance on The Rachel Maddo Show this week, Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia and a professor at Stanford University, argued that Putin should be viewed less favorably than the genocidal Nazi dictator because he was interpreting some “interesting” remarks. On Ukrainian television.

According to McFaul, Hitler did not target “ethnic Germans” and “German-speaking people” – Spoiler alert: he actually did – during his hellish reign.

The most ridiculous thing about McFaul’s claim is that Hitler actually killed German-speaking Jews, as well as ethnic Germans who were either Jews or helped Jews as well as priests, homosexuals, gypsies, etc. because they fled his terror. , So the claim is completely false and the comparison does not hold water at all.

However, according to McFaul, a genocide targeting a particular group based on their ethnicity is apparently better than the current situation in Ukraine. It does not matter whether it is a traditional conflict between the two nations, or even the modern-day Nazis (Azov Battalion and other militant Ukrainian groups) that he is defending; Like McPhall, these scammers will say something for the sake of narrative.

McFaul explained to fill-in host Ali Welsh on Friday (now the deleted video is below):

“You know, there is a difference between Hitler when he came and Putin,” said one Russian journalist. Hitler did not kill ethnic Germans. He did not kill German-speaking people.

I think people need to remember that we are talking about cities like Kharkiv and Mariupol and Kiev, there are huge populations, you know, up to one third and sometimes up to half who are Russian speaking and ethnic Russian. And yet Putin doesn’t seem to care. He kills only those whom he has come to rescue. “

After the broadcast, McFaul’s position was echoed and spread by Rachel Maduro’s blog, which tweeted, “One of the differences between Putin and Hitler is that Hitler did not kill ethnic German, German-speaking people. “Putin killed the very people he said he was trying to free.”

However, just a few hours later, MSNBC was shaken up by critics for running the damage control after being thrown through Woodchipper for incredible comparisons, shutting down the video from its online platform.

We reward these 4

– Jack Posobic (JacPosobic) March 12, 2022

MSNBC also says that a lot of Jews, homosexuals, people with disabilities and others who are not “ethnic Germans” certainly sound a bit like Hitler.

– Drew Holden (rew DrewHolden360) March 12, 2022

“Ethnic Germans” is a really strange way to get around the mass murder of German Jews.

– Noam Bloom (ওneostaster) March 12, 2022

My guess is that we are now rehabilitating Hitler. This is annoying

– Rob (robrousseau) March 12, 2022

But, too bad, the internet always keeps receipts.

From Master Posobic, Master Receipt Hoarder:

BREAKING: Here is the MSNBC clip of Hitler’s McPhall deleted which they just removed from YouTube

Please do not RT it and reveal to these clowns who they really are

– Jack Posobic (JacPosobic) March 12, 2022

The post was quickly deleted by MSNBC’s former ambassador and Rachel Maddox guest clip that Putin was called worse than Hitler because “Hitler did not kill ethnic Germans” (video) first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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