Must be good: Fredo offers ‘virtually unavailable’ covid treatment if ill

There is no limit to the corruption of the Kuomo family. On Thursday, former CNN poster boy Chris Cuomo returned to the news after being assaulted. New York Post E-mails using the New York State Freedom of Information Act have been shown to show that Kuomo was offered experimental COVID treatment through his brother’s office after he became infected with the virus in April 2020. However, he eventually rejected it because “[s]Sounds scary. “

According to the e-mail received The post And reporter Connor Scaling, the brother of Freder, of the New York Blood Center, approached then-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office with a proposal for “special access to an experimental therapy – anyone unrelated to a Cuomo virtually unavailable.”

Melissa DeRosa, a spokeswoman for Blood Bank’s CEO, made the offer in an e-mail to Andrew’s top aide:

Chris Hillier, the boss of the half-billion-dollar New York Blood Center, offered “convincing plasma” to then-Governor CNN host brother Chris Cuomo on April 17, 2020.

“If the Cuomo family chooses to take Dr. Hillier on their proposal, his cell number is [redacted]”This is according to an email from The Post requesting freedom of information law,” wrote Mary Ann Tyge – a real-estate mogul who worked as a go-between.

“In the early days of the epidemic, when no therapeutic or mRNA vaccine was available, there was a high demand for recoverable plasma – recovering from COVID-19 and referring to potentially life-saving antibodies -” The post Withdrawal

About a year after his fight with Covid, it was revealed that Chris and the rest of the Cuomo family had received a preliminary test at Andrew’s command, including a police escort for sampling.

“Last year, high-level members of the state health department were instructed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to conduct priority coronavirus tests on the governor’s relatives as well as influential people associated with the administration. To the three who have direct knowledge of the subject, ” Albany Times-Union Time report.

Added: “Cuomo’s family members, including his brother, his mother and at least one of his sisters, were examined by top health officials – several times …”

But while he was more than happy to cut the line for the test, Chris was worried about blood transfusions:

The then-CNN host asked his brother’s right-hand colleague, Melissa DeRosa, who gave him Tig’s note: “What is this?”

“Blood from someone who already has covid – experimental treatment …” he responds.

“Sounds awful,” wrote Chris Cuomo, 51.

“Yeah, but, hey, it’s too far for me to turn down someone’s blood offer …” he deadpanned.


“I don’t want to try anything extreme when I’m not dying,” he wrote. “But thanks.”

The e-mails contain further revelations about the Andrew Nursing Home Death Scandal and Chris’ role in trying to help manage it:

In March 2021, Chris Cuomo advised the staff of the Executive Chamber as they planned to respond to an article in the nursing-home COVID-19 death scandal.

“In order for this to be effective … the caption may have to say something that may be wrong or misleading at times … then say why … say you weren’t given time to respond,” he wrote.

“The broadcast reporter was copied in hundreds of emails from government workers and outside advisers – even mundane to make grammatical changes to the draft statement,” Scaling said.

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