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New Cocktail Tea Martini

The new cocktail tea is being made by Martin Sidkar from Delhi at Makaibari Tea Garden in Darjeeling. Eating a cup and enjoying a day of relaxation but we need a change. The newly soothing classic Darjeeling tea and cocktail with a new soothing flavor with tea martini is creating an attractive aroma.

The new cocktail in Delhi is known as Summer Solstice. This new flavor of the drink is sourced from Makaibai, Kodo Bari in the Darjeeling region of northern India. These freshly cut tea leaves are taken to the Delhi sidecar and it serves as a signature cocktail.

Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Customers love the fresh fragrance in Delhi. It ranks 16th out of 50 best batches in Asia, so Makaibari Tea Garden is the first factory in the world.

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Learn about summer solstice

Summer solstice tea is harvested from Makaibari Estate on 21st June. All these social stereotypes must be broken as well. According to an old proverb, tea is considered an old man’s drink. But Sidecar is actually working to break this taboo.

According to Yangdup Lama, the founder of Sidecar, “tea is versatile and can be blended into cocktails to give it a different flavor”. Makaibari Tea Garden has been the first and best tea factory in the world since 1988. Darjeeling’s tea garden produces a classic style tea.

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