New hot food vendors in Thiruvananthapuram

Home-cooked food became a hot-seller in Thiruvananthapuram

The city’s gourmets are famous for their authentic cuisine at their fingertips. In the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, home-cooked food has caught the eye. This has turned home-cooked food into a hot-seller’s taste.

Drizzle with honey-soaked Russian Medovic cheese has become an experiment in the city. There are other dishes including Thai, Creole, Mexican, Sri Lankan and Kinafar which is a famous Arabic dish.

Home chefs’ mushrooming around the world at Lockdown has just taken wings to start their own journey of selling home-cooked food as a popular hot-selling food. The FSSAI license is important to satisfy the hunger of those who are stuck at home. There are several people who are skilled.

Homemade food for homeowners Sanda Toma, Anna Sanjar and Chef Priya Roy Marketers have started their own ventures together with free entrepreneurs.

Global Hot – Made housekeeper to seller

Romanian Sanda who is a housewife and in 2020 she started baking apple pie at home and sold those pies. Which has turned into a restaurant after huge profits from this food business. Her husband Younis Khan is running a successful organization.

As time went on, he expanded his restaurant menu. However, he runs an Italian food restaurant because it is known to be rare and sweet. His restaurant is the rarest and he cooks Italian, Korean, Creole, French, Thai, German. The world-famous hot-selling food is famous for its huge success.

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