New Newsbuster Podcast: Hunter Biden Excuses from Stelter, Williams and Bump

Since the Hunter Biden blackout continues on liberal networks, liberals have argued that you can never trust the scoopers of the Hunter scandal because they come from pro-Trump sources like Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani. But New York Times Hunter ruined that spin by acknowledging the emails in Biden’s laptop repair shop as true.

CNN’s Brian Stelter has completely avoided the issue Reliable sources The show and its newsletter. But he did work New York Times And think of it as the pinnacle of newspaper journalism. Then why avoid it? Especially when in 2020, Stelter suggested so quickly that emails could be “created” or part “fake”.

Fox’s Juan Williams has turned a Hunter-coverage debate into a comedy, claiming “no one said it wasn’t true.” No, many have considered it untrue, starting with Joe Biden.

Philip bump off The Washington Post Appeared on Stelter’s Sunday show, but wasn’t asked for his part in the post which tried to claim that Hunter Biden’s story was still shaky, with no “context”. “Was sourcing information suspicious enough to justify caution by mainstream outlets? The answer, it seems clear, is yes.” Even now, they can’t admit there’s a scandal here.

Enjoy the podcast below, or listen to the podcast wherever you are.

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