New Newsbuster Podcast: Our Extremely Crafty Media with Molly Hemingway

So New York Times Hunter decides to declare the emails from Biden’s abandoned laptop real (silently). This is a good opportunity for newsbusters to talk to Molly Hemingway, the federalist and editor-in-chief of Fox News, about how the mainstream media and Big Tech acted as a hooligan squad to censor any journalism about this laptop in October 2020. , Claiming it was “Russian confusion.”

In his book Fraud: How the Media, Big Tech, and Democrats Occupy Our Elections, There is a whole chapter on Molly’s “Burying Beyond Corruption” and there was no more heinous attempt to bury corruption than to ignore all the information in Hunter’s email to Vice President Daddy about his international backcracking.

We also discuss the Supreme Court’s confirmation, the subject of Molly’s last book Justice in justice (With Carrie Severino) on the teen-rape allegations against Brett Kavanagh in 2018. Molly’s husband Mark Hemingway On Twitter, Sen Dick mocked Durbin To tell Politico, it was “outrageous” for Republicans to question Ketanji Brown Jackson’s public record on the Jesse crime and child porn trials, as if Democrats had acted so well in confirming their past.

There are some very difficult words for Molly Republicans who try to calm down the “mainstream media” and insist that no one would use the term “mainstream media” for this extreme media. Let’s not have a Republican debate next time on these leftist networks. Molly can’t even stand the word “moderator” to describe these controversial jarno-bullies.

Enjoy the podcast below, or listen to the podcast wherever you are. Like, share and beware of liberals!

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