News team, gather! Dusi, Lawrence Gas prices, bring heat on inflation

A day after President Biden announced a ban on Russian oil and gas prices rose to record highs, the Saki show featured hardballs on Wednesday afternoon about the impact of Biden’s economy on consumers. Primarily, questions from Peter Dusky of Fox News and Edward Lawrence of Fox Business led Saki to fight to defend the White House’s policy of refusing to support inflation, gas prices, and expanded domestic energy production.

First, fact-checking of Tim Biden’s Lawrence. As Americans struggled to buy an electric car, to keep it afloat, he began by constantly calling for their “green energy” flaunting.

“Gas prices have risen every month since the president came to power … so, what does it feel like … that the American people will have to wait until 2030 when the president has set his goal … cars with zero emissions are being sold,” he said. He was amazed.

Saki says they’re not doing that and that’s it “We never had a theory.” And, on the issue of gas prices, he argues, he completely blames Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Following the quotes, he said that he supported her (when they really warned about the extra increase), pushed Lawrence back and added him to the request for the kingdom. “What the administration has done specifically … to reduce inflation.”

Psaki offered a long answer that ranged from “Riduk” to a small amount[ing] [port] The impediment to semiconductor legislation is to “claim that” we have seen inflationary pressures – or that inflation continues to decline month by month – even as we look at the numbers year after year. “

Ducie Time arrived a few minutes later and started with a simple question: “Why did you decide to rearrange the gas price increase as ‘#PutinPriceHike’.” This was followed by a second part:

[W]I have heard the President warn for months that gas prices are rising because of the supply chain and post-epidemic demand. If you’ve known for months that this is going to be a #PutinPriShake, why are we listening now?

After Saki doubled over to Dusi drilling, Biden Flack suggested that what needed to be done before drilling (which is the American Petroleum Institute) Fact-checked) (Click “Extend”):

DOOCY: [Y]Both you and the president are talking about energy production here, saying that oil and gas companies “now have 9,000 permits to drill. They can drill now.” Will President Biden cut the red ribbon to make this possible?

PSAKI: Which red tape should be cut when they have permission? Do they have the ability to do it? What’s holding them up?

DUCKY: Does President Biden think that each of these 9,000 leases contains oil or gas? Because industry experts say that “this complaint is completely red herring”; “Some permits are valid and some are not”; And when you say, “This represents a fundamental misunderstanding about how this process works.”

PSAKI: Well, first of all, – about 60 percent of the leased acres remain unproductive – that’s a lot – within 20 million acres, so there are 9,000 unused permits for drilling. They don’t need to – we shouldn’t invite them to do it. They should do it themselves.

DUCKY: But you said they can’t get extra permits, so the president will.

PSAKI: Do they need extra permits? No – they have – lease. There is a permit. I don’t think they need an embroidered invitation to drill. That is their oil company. What’s going on

DOOCY: This is not an embroidery invitation, this is a federal permit.

PSAKI: – What’s going on – what’s up – but what was – allowed, Peter.

DOOCY: Although it’s not just a permit. Are you –

Pisaki: What is happening here is what we are seeing — these are private sector companies. We recognize that. Many of them are making record profits. We see that. All that publicly available information. They have pressure to return cash to investors and their shareholders. What we are saying now is: there is a war. We are asking them to use the approved permits, use the unused space and get more supplies from the soil in our own country.

Doocy wonders, trying to make things easier “Keystone XL build resumes” Is “As long as Joe Biden is president, he’s completely off the table.”

When Saki replied that Dusi should “Say” His “What will it help?” Fox correspondent noted that the administration said “All options are on the table” In the energy crisis.

Ducie was even more surprised that we are not partnering with “a friendly ally”, but Saki maintained that “the pipeline is just a supply system” and “not the oil field”.

Ducy made one last attempt to restart Keystone, but Saki said “it will not solve any of the problems we have.”

Rewinding at the beginning, New York PostSteven Nelson draws something Ugly answer From Psaki when it came to the Florida Parental Rights Act that leftists co-opted as a “don’t say gay” bill. For Nelson, he referred to Biden’s hypocrisy in the 1994 issue.

He also asked about government cyber security as it relates to allegations raised in the Durham investigation (click “expand”):

Nelson: About the Florida Bill: In 1994, when many of us were at school in this house, President Biden actually voted in favor of a more comprehensive restriction banning the use of federal funds, “promoting homosexuality as an alternative to a positive lifestyle. “Why did he do that? And can you describe how his thinking has evolved over the years?”

PSAKI: Well, I think you see the president talking passionately about his point of view that such a bill – a bill that discriminates against families, against children, puts these children in a position where they are not getting the support they need at one time or another. Where they need to be is discriminatory. It is a kind of bullying. It’s horrible. I mean, the president said that. Given his views and comments from 25 years ago, I think the most important question now is: Why are Florida leaders deciding that they should discriminate against children by members of the LGBTQI community? What motivates them to do that? Is it rudeness? Does it want to create more difficult times for children in school, in their community? I will raise that question with them, and if you get the answer we can talk more about it tomorrow.


Nelson: When he was in school in the 90’s, did he have reason to support the same policy?

PSAKI: I think it’s important to mention here how outspoken the president is against discrimination against children, against members of the LGBTQI + community and what we’re seeing here is a bill that would spread misinformation, hate speech and affect children – so that’s the question I ask. Hopefully, you can point this out to some Florida leaders. Maybe they’ll return your phone call and I’ll look forward to a conversation with you.


Nelson: [A]According to information recently filed in court by Special Counsel Durham, there was a technology executive who “mined” the president’s DNS traffic and other data executive offices. The CISA, the federal agency for cyber security, said in a 2020 document that DNS data can be sensitive and that it is important to protect it. There are competing narratives, of course, about what information was actually involved. So what information can you share with us about this alleged review and whether the White House has any security or privacy concerns?

PSAKI: I have nothing more to say … Of course, this is an investigation. I instruct you members of the judiciary, members of Congress. Clearly, our country has a deep respect for human privacy.

Following Nelson, Philip Wegman of Real Clear Politics mentions the fact that we “To believe it” When we are “Preparing to send billions upon billions of aid” In a war-torn country, there is one “Logistical barriers … preventing us from getting” Polish jet in Ukraine.

Saki ruled that this was indeed a problem, but after the briefing, Wegman Tweet A picture of jets being really railcars.

To see the relevant briefing transcript from March 9 (including CBS’s Ed O’Keefe’s critical Venezuelan question and HuffPost’s SV Date lamenting Russia for the effects of the embargo on the Russian people), click here.

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